Our Plans

If this picturesque landscape of rolling mountains doesn't make you want to sign up then what will... wait, how about more revenue? Are you interested in a healthier bottom line? Silly question. It's time to start discounting smarter, not deeper. Welcome to Seguno.

The Coupon Personalization and Management Platform

It all starts with the core platform, the foundation that makes coupon management a breeze and tracks all discounting activity so you can make strategic decisions and keep internal teams accountable. All plans come with a free trial and you may choose to only leverage the platform, or at least start there, but be sure to consider one of the personalization packages below for more great features.


  • Generic Coupon Code Management and Tracking
  • Cross-Channel Campaign Coordination and Attribution
  • Program Rollup and Channel Breakdown Reporting
  • Detailed Revenue Metrics and Discounting Insights
  • Campaign Calendar and Leaderboard
  • Goal Attainment Reporting
  • Seamless Commerce Platform Integration
  • All Support Channels


Up to 250,000 Contacts
7 Day Free Trial with Welcome Call
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Personalization Packages

The following plans include everything in the platform, as outlined above, and bring additional levels of sophistication built atop the platform. All packages are billed annually and come with a starting contact allowance, but additional blocks of contacts may be purchased as needed. Please contact Sales to learn more, see a demo and find the right package for you.


Starts with 500,000 Contacts
14 Day Free Trial with Basic Onboarding

Includes all PLATFORM features, plus the following:

  • Auto-Apply Coupon Codes
  • Banner with Carousel and Timer
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Conversion Tracking
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Starts with 1,000,000 Contacts
21 Day Free Trial with Standard Onboarding

Includes all ESSENTIAL features, plus the following:

  • Unique Coupon Code Tracking
  • Digest and Reminder Emails
  • Smart Banner with Archive and Signup
  • Marketing Platform Integration
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Starts with 2,500,000 Contacts
30 Day Free Trial with Premium Onboarding

Includes all ADVANCED features, plus the following:

  • Advanced Personalization Automation
  • Suggested Promotions
  • Promotion Brainstorming
  • Multi-Site Orchestration
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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently does billing occur and do I have to sign a contract?

If you are only using the platform, you will be billed monthly and you can cancel use at any time. If you are looking to purchase one of the more sophisticated packages, however, you will need to sign an annual contract. Regardless, all customers are subject to our terms of service and privacy policy. Please contact Sales or your Account Manager for more information.

How many contacts can I have in the system?

If you are only using the platform, there is a limit of 250,000 contacts and if you need more then you will need to purchase an annual contract for one of the more sophisticated packages. With the packages, however, each one comes with a starting allowance and then you may purchase as many additional blocks of contacts as you need.