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Customer Happiness Drives Loyalty

Seamless Experience
It only takes one bad experience for a customer to abandon his/her cart, potentially never to return. And discounts can be a sensitive area as shoppers get excited for the savings, but become frustrated if the code does not work as expected or has already expired. Avoid all that by being friendly and proactive.

The other key to a great experience is consistency. If a shopper is offered multiple discounts in short succession, the experience no longer feels personalized and customers think a better offer will come if they wait or try to game the system. Leading with your best offer and presenting it consistently across channels will get customers to convert faster and leave them feeling like they got the best deal possible.



Inform shoppers a code is expired or help them understand what products/collections actually work with the offered discount code before they hit checkout and have a bad experience.


Display details of the discount being offered, including the entitled products/collections, in a friendly banner that stays with visitors as they shop to keep it top of mind. A countdown timer can also be displayed to help drive urgency.


Stop bombarding customers with different discounts at every touchpoint and simply present each individual shopper's best offer to him/her consistently across channels.