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Always Present Your Best Offer

Personalized Discounts
If a customer is willing to buy an item at a 10% discount, why give them 20% off? The best offer is one that entices a shopper enough to buy but with the smallest possible discount. The hard part is each customer's interests, price sensitivity and shopping habits are unique so the only way to achieve a segment-of-one discounting strategy at scale is through automation. Leave the hard part to us.



Offer discounts on specific products or collections that are enticing to each customer, based on his/her buying signals and trends, and cater the coupon's value to maximize profit.


Tired of thinking what your next promotion should be? We'll crunch the data and present what we feel would be the most successful campaigns to try and who should be targeted.


If you have ideas of what you'd like to promote, get recommendations on customers to target and estimates on the promotion's potential success based on our optimized discounts.