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Stop coupon abuse and personalize your marketing with Seguno’s Bulk Discount Code Generator App

Create and import unlimited unique discount codes inside Shopify using Bulk Discount Code bot from Seguno.With Bulk Discount Code Bot, you can generate and import large sets of unique discount codes into Shopify in just a few clicks.Look up any unique code to find its discount inside Shopify using Bulk Discount Code Bot.

Seguno’s Shopify Discount Code App is trusted by over 20,000 Shopify Merchants

Create unlimited unique ecommerce discount codes and import them directly into Shopify.

After generating your unique discount codes in just a few clicks, export them for use in your preferred marketing channel.

Export your discount codes to CSV directly from the app

Track sales and usage inside Shopify

Filter unwanted characters and words automatically

Modify code sets at any time

Look up any unique code to find its discount rule

Generate unlimited discount codes right into ShopifyGenerate unlimited discount codes right into Shopify
Seguno 5 star review

Totally easy and fast, and logically designed. Love it!
- Yogo

Seguno 5 star review

Great app. Easy to use. Helps us keep codes from going "viral."
- ThumbPRO

Seguno 5 star review

Quick and lite app to create bulk discounts. Easy to setup. Fully implemented in Shopify.
- Mana™ | Česko

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Our Shopify bulk discount code app: your secret weapon for attracting and retaining customers

Unique discount codes are great for protecting your Shopify store’s profit margins. But how can they make a difference in converting shoppers into customers and customers into brand advocates?

Our app provides the versatility needed for winning in today’s ecommerce landscape. Whatever your marketing channel of choice, you can apply the exported code sets from our discount code generator.

First, our Shopify Discount Code Generator App quickly makes unique codes and automatically syncs with Shopify Discounts without any extra effort from you. Then, simply export the resulting CSV file of codes, start promoting your special offer, and easily track your sales campaigns' performance.

Here are just some of the unique code use cases for driving sales:

Distribute a sales promo code through email marketing* or SMS

Entice list growth by reserving the code for the welcome email

Win back a customer with direct mail

Support influencer marketing campaigns

Ease customer grievances/proactive customer service

Bolster a product review request

Assist business account managers with B2B sales

Reward loyalty program customers

Enable subscription gifting

Strengthen initiatives for customer referrals

Thank customers for their business

Drive foot traffic to your online store through handouts

*If you use Seguno’s email marketing, then there’s no need to use our Shopify Discount Code Generator App to get unique codes in your emails. That functionality is already built into Seguno.

Shopify Bulk Discount Code Bot Free Tier & Paid Plans

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Get started with three discount sets at no charge

Add more codes to existing discount sets at any time

Try for Free

For Basic, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify merchants

Generate as many discount sets as needed

Support with Live Chat during business hours

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Generate as many discount sets as needed

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Bulk Discount Code Generator Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bulk Discount Code Bot?

Bulk Discount Code Bot is a Shopify app that lets you create, export, and track unlimited unique discount codes directly inside Shopify.

With Bulk Discount Code Bot, you can:

  1. Generate large sets of unique discount codes inside Shopify
  2. Export your codes directly from the app to use across marketing channels, including direct mail, SMS, social media, influencer, and email campaigns
  3. Track sales and usage for individual codes

Bulk Discount Code Bot is completely integrated with Shopify discounts, which means your codes work seamlessly at checkout and you can modify code sets at any time.

How do I export my Shopify discount codes?

Once your codes have been generated and fully imported to your shop, you can export discount code sets directly in Bulk Discount Code Bot or through the Shopify Discounts admin.

In Bulk Discount Code Bot, simply select or hover over the individual discount set to use the export action. You can select more than one code set to create an export queue.

Your downloadable CSV file is securely stored and available as long as the app is installed.

How much does Bulk Discount Code Bot cost?

Try Bulk Discount Code Bot for free. Generate three discount sets at no charge and add more codes to any existing discount set at any time.

When you’re ready to create more discount sets, step up to the Unlimited plan that fits the size and stage of your business.

How do I create bulk unique discount codes in Shopify?

Installing Bulk Discount Code Bot lets you create bulk unique discount codes in Shopify in minutes.

To create a discount set, you can leverage the generator to customize a number of settings, including title, number of codes, and character preferences. A replica of Shopify's discount creation form allows you to specify all the discount details within the same flow.

Once your details are added, you can preview an example code and get an estimate of how long it will take to create and import your codes.

After you’ve created your discount set, you can easily view all codes from inside the Discounts area of your Shopify Admin.

How many discount codes can you make in Shopify?

There is no limit to how many codes you can create with Bulk Discount Code Bot, but each Shopify shop has a 20,000,000 total discount code limit.