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Segment-of-One Discounting Strategies Maximize Profit While Driving Revenue

Marketers rely on discounts to spur purchases, but poor coupon management eats into margins and trains customers to wait or shop around. Smart marketers care about brand perception and know sitewide discounts needlessly risk long-term profitability for short-term revenue gains.

Personalizing the experience for every customer will help your promotions stand out, drive conversions and boost your bottom line. Seguno does this by listening to each customer's buying signals and trends to determine the best coupon to offer each person, narrowing what the discount applies to and varying the type and value accordingly. Let us do the heavy lifting and let's win the discounting game together!

The Coupon Personalization and Management Platform

Seguno, the first platform of its kind, makes coupon management a breeze and ensures your team is discounting smarter, not deeper.


Offer discounts on specific products or collections that are enticing to each customer, based on his/her buying signals and trends, and cater the coupon's value to maximize profit.


Stop bombarding customers with different discounts at every touchpoint and simply present each individual shopper's best offer to him/her consistently across channels. Then, keep it top-of-mind with friendly reminders until they convert.


Understand what resonates and how your different types of customers leverage discounts so you can make smarter decisions and adjustments to your discounting strategies. Plus, keep all internal teams accountable and measuring the same KPIs.


Setup your campaign and sit back, no more duplicated effort. That includes the creation and automatic expiration of codes within your commerce platform, even orchestrated across multiple sites.

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