Seguno Email Marketing built for Shopify
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your customers hold the secret to your growth

gather product reviews and leverage customer feedback to help shape your shop’s marketing strategy—all within your Shopify Admin

automate the way you request and reward reviews

use real reviews to promote your products

create Shopify customer segments based on review rating

manage your customer reviews before you publish them

Automate product review collection with Seguno Product Review App for Shopify

automate your review requests

ask for product reviews as a part of your post-purchase follow up and thank your reviewers for their feedback

Use real customer reviews to promote your products with Seguno Product Review App for Shopify

use reviews to promote your products

include product reviews on your storefront and include review content within your email designs

Create customer segments based on product review ratings with the Seguno Product Reviews App for Shopify

create customer segments based on rating

ask for referrals from your promoters and offer support to your detractors

Manage your customer reviews with Seguno Product Review App for Shopify

manage your customer reviews

control when your reviews are published, reply to reviews, signify your verified buyers, and unpublish reviews that are spam, have inappropriate content, or are misleading.


How do I get started with Seguno Product Reviews?

Simply install the Seguno Product Reviews App for Shopify. From there, it’s easy to add and customize your storefront widgets and connect to Seguno Email Marketing.

How much does Seguno Product Reviews cost?

Product Reviews is included in your Seguno Email Marketing paid plan at no additional cost.

How do I migrate to Seguno Product Reviews from my current reviews platform?

We’re currently offering migration assistance as part of our early access period. Complete the early access form on this page to request a spot and a member of our support team will be in touch with you.