Seguno Email Marketing built for Shopify
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build your audience

brand loyalty
is the bedrock of
successful Shopify businesses.

building a devoted customer base starts with the very first touchpoints someone has with your brand, from capturing subscribers to welcoming and keeping them interested.

Build your Shopify store audience with the Seguno Marketing Suite

growing a
vibrant community

is the best way to transform
shoppers into customers.

no marketing tool comes close to email's direct reach, potential for nurturing long-term relationships, or preference among customers.

Email is the number one channel to drive subscribers back to your Shopify store

email beats all other channels — even word of mouth — in driving subscribers back to your store to spur purchases.

Seguno Email Marketing built for Shopify Merchants

email impact multiplies with increased sales, higher average orders, and better customer experience when you create personalized content.

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step 1:
greet store visitors

driving site traffic through paid ads, blogs, and other SEO efforts is highly inefficient if you don’t try to capture visitor contact information.

only 2% of consumers convert during their first visit

add email capture tools to your store to reconnect:

provide an incentive in exchange for an email

add a preference question to collect data for segmentation

Welcome your shoppers with Seguno Popups and Forms on your Shopify Store

step 2:
welcome new subscribers

engage newcomers and keep the good vibes flowing with an automated email series that sets the tone.

74% of people anticipate receiving a welcome email immediately

automated welcome emails perform better than regular emails:

86% higher average open rate

14.4% average click rate (vs 2.7%)

320% higher revenue generation

Welcome your new subscribers with an email automation series from Seguno Email Marketing for Shopify

step 3:
engage subscribers

nurturing and retaining your email list is just as important as capturing subscribers.

54% of consumers say relevancy is the #1 motivator to open emails

build bridges to cultivate an audience that will value and support you:

regularly send high-quality content

segment audiences for personalization to connect deeper

Engage newcomers with an automated email series from Seguno Email Marketing

build your audience with Seguno

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