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automate customer journeys

thriving merchants
center their efforts
on the customer journey.

first-time customers differ from MVPs, and so too should messaging—enter email automations, which make customers feel valued at every lifecycle stage.

Leverage automations to turn customers into loyalists by engaging them at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


that fuel repeat
purchases and loyalty.

automating customer journeys is a vital way to grow customer lifetime value and offset customer acquisition costs (CAC).


say their favorite brands strive to develop a relationship


would make a repeat purchase after a personalized experience


more revenue generated by automations than non-automated emails.

how to control CAC

give customers
a reason to return.

the chances of converting a customer are 65% while the chances of converting a prospect are only 13%.

6 Reasons why repeat customers are better than new customers

employ automations such as:

post-purchase email with care instructions or helpful tips

“Thanks for your purchase” email

product review request

Give customers a reason to return with an email automation.

send extra love
to your MVPs.

nurture those who purchase frequently and spend a lot for two reasons:

customers increase spending the longer they’re with a brand

you can lose them to a competitor at any time

average apparel customers spend 67% more after 2+ years

for example, send unique discount codes for an exclusive offer once customers reach a purchase amount or spending threshold.

resources to grow your MVP customer base

external article
why and how to engage your MVP customers
Send extra love to your MVPs with an email automation.

understand your loyalists
and what matters to them.

loyalists are the same as MVPs, but publicly show their love by providing feedback through reviews or testimonials.

consumers are more loyal when a company understands their needs

give loyalists the royal treatment and learn from them:

loyalists help promote new purchases with social proof

insights can guide your customer acquisition lifecycle

Understand your loyalists and what matters to them.

win back
lapsed purchasers.

automations are about moving customers from one bucket to the next. Inevitably, not all customers advance. It happens within every customer segment: first-time customers, returning customers, MVPs, and even loyalists stall.

intervene with campaigns that cater to each group, such as:

offering personalized recommendations based on past purchases

giving special VIP-only discounts to MVPs

running a “We miss you” series that asks loyalists for feedback

Win back lapsed purchasers with an email automation.

automate customer journeys with Seguno

email marketing

for driving new and repeat purchases, fostering MVPs and engaging lapsed customers

product reviews

for building loyalists who can promote your products and encourage new purchasers

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