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How to design emails that convert

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In this course, we’re going to teach you email design best practices to help get more clicks and more sales. We've streamlined the email design process for Shopify Merchants so you can create emails in minutes, not hours. We’ve got some powerful examples and takeaways for you that you can implement—today.

What’s included in the course:
How to design emails that convert
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    A foolproof framework to design better emails
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    New message elements that you can use to stand out
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    Examples and sample copy you can use right away
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    Quick wins to increase click rates on your messages
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    Effective use of email templates to save you time
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    Full course download (PDF)Full course download (PDF)
    Full course download (PDF)
    Full course download (PDF)

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Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

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Powerful Automations

Powerful Automations

Sophisticated technology made easy: baked-in best practices and one-click automations mean more time for your business.

Ready-made Email Templates

Ready-made Templates

Save time with our pre-built templates, complete with attractive imagery and marketing copy—all fully customizable.

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