Seguno Email Marketing built for Shopify


We held open AI interviews to find out.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the fastest, smartest email marketing support, and AI promises to streamline... well, everything. So we interviewed five chatbots to see if they're up for the task of supporting our Shopify merchants.

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The candidates

From everyday chatbots to household names in virtual assistance, our open interviews attracted a wide range of intelligence.

A generic AI chatbot who is unhelpful
A snarky chatbot with an attitude problem
A robotic vacuum that sucks in more ways than one
Your favorite home assistant who isn't always helpful
The unstoppable force to hunt your problems down and destroy them

The interviews

Each candidate had a chance to speak with a member of our expert support team (virtually, of course). Watch the highlights to see how it went.

Home assistant deviceLaptop Computer

And the hire is... nobody.
Because we want to use Actual Intelligence.

We think support means more than just answering your questions. It means being genuinely invested in your success. That's why Seguno support will never be replaced with an artificial solution (no matter how popular those may be).

Our support is empathetic, personalized, and free for all users—but best of all, it's real.

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Don't just take our word for it.
See what real merchants have to say.

"These are real, live folks who are chatting back to you — not bots. Seguno email staffs actual humans who care about your needs, problems, and the features that matter to you."

— The Cashmere Goat

"Whenever we have any queries there are real people, not bots, at the other end of Live chat! Whatever problem you have they will always sort it out and go above and beyond in my opinion. Excellent service."


Roomba Vacuum