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Our Review Beautifier transforms your customer’s negative words into positive language that makes you feel good. Because let’s face it: negative reviews are ugly, and nobody likes them.

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Our Review Beautifier transforms your customer’s negative words into positive language

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OMG, dolls, let me spill the tea on this product! It's seriously a total game-changer, like, in every way possible. First off, let's talk about the material – it's legit like being wrapped in a cloud of luxury. And those straps? Don't even trip, babes! Despite looking super sleek, they're actually crazy durable and reliable. Now, about the stiffness of the material – trust me, it's all about the vibe! It's like, adding some serious structure and stability to your look. You'll feel like a total boss babe, ready to take on the world with confidence like never before! Seriously, loves, you won't regret adding this to your collection! 💋
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Input an awful customer review that you want to transform.


Our tool completely ignores your customer’s nasty, terrible words.


Get a beautiful, glowing review to replace that old ugly one!

April Fools

this tool isn’t real, but negative reviews are.

You put a ton of time, energy, and effort into running your e-commerce business, so it can be hard to take the (inevitable) negative feedback. We totally get it. Bad reviews bum us out, too.

While you can’t ignore negative reviews (and you definitely can’t re-write them), you can get something beautiful out of them. Here’s how:

1. show support, earn trust

A negative review is a chance to demonstrate great customer service—and not just to one customer. Responding publicly shows your commitment to delivering a great experience to potential customers, too.

2. listen closely, find opportunities

Hearing trends in the feedback you’re getting? Negative reviews can point to the products or processes that need your attention so you can keep improving and stay competitive.

3. be open, build a community

Customers use reviews to feel informed before they buy. Publishing good and bad reviews shows your brand has nothing to hide and that your customers can rely on each other to help make purchase decisions.

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