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recover lost revenue
with back in stock email alerts.

keep your shoppers informed on out-of-stock products with seguno’s back in stock email automation for Shopify—boost sales, gain customer insights, and build customer trust

back in stock notifications,
all within Shopify.

a back in stock email from seguno means convenience because you never leave Shopify—no need to install another app besides seguno and waste time learning another platform. The process is simple:

step 1

add back in stock app block

add our app block to relevant product page template(s) to enable email alert subscriptions

step 2

use email workflow template

add our pre-built email workflow template within Shopify automations

step 3

activate and sit back

once you replenish your Shopify inventory, we trigger your email automatically

I love having a Back in Stock email automation right within my email marketing platform! I previously used a separate app to do the same thing. Not only am I saving money with Seguno's alerts, but I'm growing my email list since shoppers can opt in to marketing newsletters, too.

- Defender Ammunition

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back in stock product alerts,
a win-win for you and shoppers

the perks for your Shopify store:

avoid the nuisance and cost of a separate app for out-of-stock products

ensure brand consistency and track performance alongside your other automations by staying within your email marketing suite

prevent shoppers from exploring alternative options

eliminate the need to monitor inventory levels and react

automatically target shoppers who are motivated to buy

the perks for your customers:

gives first dibs on purchasing the restocked in-demand product

erases the hassle of checking back in for product updates

assures them that their interests and business matter to your brand

back in stock
frequently asked questions.

What is a Back In Stock alert?

A Back in Stock alert is an email announcing a previously sold-out product is once again available for purchase. 

Emails only go to shoppers who register to receive an alert for the specific product. For example, if your gold picture frame inventory sells out and someone signs up for the restock update, you do not have license to send that person Back in Stock emails for silver picture frames if they are not subscribed. 

Restock automations are great for engaging customers by informing, building trust, and increasing sales.

Do I have control over when the restock email triggers?

Seguno’s automation triggers according to the inventory threshold that you set. For example, if someone happens to return a product that has sold out and you update your inventory count in Shopify to 1, you probably don’t want to promote that the item is available. You determine the minimum inventory level required for initiating Back in Stock emails within Seguno.

How much does the Back In Stock Alert cost?

Our restock automation is available to all paid Seguno users. For more information on our pricing, visit the help section.

How do Back in Stock emails work?

Seguno’s “Send a back in stock email” automation does the heavy lifting in capturing subscribers interested in out-of-stock product updates and notifying them once they become available. It is currently only available for shops using a Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme (we’re working on adding support for vintage themes).  

Back in Stock emails require adding Seguno’s app block form to your product page template(s) , followed by customizing the pre-built email template with Seguno’s email editor and activating the Back in Stock automation. Once inventory is depleted, shoppers see the out-of-stock notice and can opt to receive an in-stock email notification. When you restore the inventory, it triggers the automation (a transactional email).   

An advanced approach (i.e., building in splitting logic) is possible by leveraging Shopify’s workflow builder.   

Note: The Back in Stock email signup will not appear for any product that has a checked box for “Continue selling when out of stock.”

Read the help doc for details and step-by-step instructions.

How many products can I apply a notification to?

Apply the Back in Stock alert to as many products as you’d like; there’s no limit. Configure notifications based on your business and the products that you restock. 

There’s no need to manually add the request form to every product — just your product page template(s). And if there are certain products you want to exclude from alerts, add an exclusion tag. By default, the product tag used is “back-in-stock-excluded,” but that can be changed in the app block’s settings.

When someone signs up for a notification, are they added to my subscriber list?

No. Signing up for a Back In Stock email does not equal consent for receiving a brand’s email newsletter. 

Shoppers are only giving permission to receive a transactional email about updates for a specific out-of-stock product. 

However, you can add a newsletter signup checkbox to the app block form. Customers who select the checkbox will be marked as subscribed for marketing emails.