Your email marketing guide for converting subscribers and retaining customers in 2024.

Kick Q1 off with a solid email marketing game plan. This guide gives all the suggestions and tactics a Shopify store needs to develop a robust email calendar for the months of January, February, and March.

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Download your 2023 Email Marketing Planning Guide and Calendar from Seguno

Use this planning guide to:

Customize your email calendar
Customize your email calendar
Essential ecommerce event days are already baked into the guide so all you need to do is personalize your calendar to fit your business.
Define your email marketing goals
Define your goals
Use our framework to pinpoint the ambitions you want to work toward for the quarter.
Stay on track
Stay on track
Ensure that you never miss out on email marketing opportunities by signing up for Google Calendar reminders.
Map out your email marketing messages
Map out your messages
Add diversity to your email calendar—get ideas for messages tethered to ecommerce happenings, and newsletter recommendations you can use at any time.
Measure your email marketing results
Measure your results.
Key in on what metrics you’ll want to regularly track and, more importantly, react to them.
Use as an editable Canva template or download as a PDF file
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Customize your email calendar with our email marketing planning guideWe feature an email newsletter for every monthTrack your email marketing goals with our metrics table
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