Custom newsletter templates and multi-email automations
1. Switch to Seguno and automatically migrate contacts/tags. Learn more.
2. If Seguno is not the right fit, stay with Mailchimp and use our separate connector. Find it on the app store.
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1. Switch to Seguno and automatically migrate contacts/tags. Learn more.
2. If Seguno is not the right fit, stay with Mailchimp and use our separate connector. Find it on the app store.

Email Marketing Inside Shopify

Create, manage, and track your email marketing — without leaving Shopify.

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Whether you work from your laptop or the Shopify mobile app, Seguno works there too.

Time is your most valuable asset

We're not here to tell you how important email marketing is. You already know it is a critical component to your growth or you wouldn't be here. We're here to remind you that running a small shop or even being a solopreneur means time is your most valuable asset. While other apps are too complex to take full advantage of, Seguno was designed to do more in less time.


Built for you

Better emails in less time

Feel at home inside Shopify

Feel at home inside Shopify

Finally, all your email marketing is right inside of Shopify. Seguno is natively integrated with both the Shopify admin and mobile app.

Save time with automations

Save time with automations

Sophisticated technology made easy: baked-in best practices and one-click automations give you time to focus on your business.

Leverage unique discount codes

Leverage unique discount codes

Unique discount codes better personalize your marketing and better protect your profits. Any email can include a unique code.

"I love how it's integrated and the whole navigation feels just like Shopify."

Miia Hiltunen
Dynamic recommendations

Recommend products dynamically

Use a collection to recommend products and we'll exclude any chosen featured products or those from a related checkout/order.

Target customer segments

Target segments of customers

Use customer groups to target or even exclude recipients to send more personalized content based on your data in Shopify.

Revenue reporting

Report on revenue driven by email

Integrated with all Shopify marketing reports, you can see conversion details on orders and in a report for each newsletter and automation.

WHY SEGUNO (seh·goo·no)

The best choice for Shopify merchants

Shopify is the center of your universe and we want to keep it that way

Drive more revenue

Lifecycle and retention marketing campaigns drive real revenue and each can be automated with a click. We built an entire email program based on the best practices of top retailers, optimized for conversion, so you don't have to. All you have to do is turn it on.

Spend less time

Seguno is natively integrated within Shopify, which means no more context switching or having to learn a new tool. Everything fits seamlessly into your existing workflows inside the Shopify admin area. And your data stays there too so your content is always fresh.

Stay ahead of the curve

Being solely focused on commerce means every feature is geared toward helping you maximize customer lifetime value. And being solely focused on Shopify means every feature integrates more deeply and takes advantage of Shopify advancements more quickly.

"We instantly saw an increase in sales and love how Seguno integrates directly into the Marketing tab of the Shopify admin to see the revenue generated by our campaigns."

Zach Kaczor
Online Sales Manager, I NEED MORE

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