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Back-to-School Email Templates

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I have been using Seguno email for over three years now and have loved it more than any of the other email programs I've used. My emails have a much more elevated look and they offer so many tips and have plenty of videos and templates to make things user-friendly. Their customer service is great and straight-forward, which is so appreciated. Highly recommend!

- Soultree City, 3+ year seguno user

I initially signed up for this app as it was more reasonably priced and offered really nicely designed email templates. However what has been even better is the customer support. Whenever I've had any questions they are answered a)quickly and b) by a human. I have been very impressed by the level of service offered, a big 5 stars from me!

- I Dream of Silver, 1+ year seguno user

Quick and easy templates, fast responding customer support and outstanding Newsletters. It really makes a lot of fun to create emails this way.

- BIA Germany, 6+ month seguno user

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As you get sales material ready for the back-to-school season, Seguno wants to ensure you have the best tools and supplies for back-to-school email marketing campaigns. That's why we offer engaging Back-to-School email templates for your school marketing season.

Create Back-to-School Email Designs 10x Faster Than From Scratch

  • Personalize your back-to-school email templates with Shopify store product features and sale announcements.
  • Feature products over a backdrop of school-themed elements like books, pencils, and chalkboards.
  • Use eye-catching GIFs sparingly to add excitement without overwhelm.
  • Consider adding a countdown timer to remind customers of the countdown to Labor Day.
  • Personalize your marketing emails with real-time content to showcase the latest in-demand products.

Copywriting Tips for Back-to-School Email Template Designs

When crafting your Back-to-School email copy, keep it concise, energetic, and focused on the excitement of the upcoming school season. Show your appreciation for education and express how your products can help students shine in the new academic year.

Ignite Urgency for Unmissable Back-to-School Shopping Delight!

Harness the urgency of the one-time back-to-school shopping fever! Seize this moment to highlight the essential classroom companions that every student needs. Curate a spotlight on the most helpful products that hold the center stage of attention.

Unveil Irresistible Savings: Coupons, Promo Codes, Discounts, and Free Shipping Galore!

Infuse your emails with incentives to act by incorporating exclusive offers. Introduce coupons, promo codes, alluring discounts, or the value of free shipping. Elevate the sense of value and propel eager shoppers towards a rewarding purchase.

Craft an Aura of Exclusivity: Unveil the Latest Trends and Top-Selling Treasures!

Unveil the hottest back-to-school marketing trends that resonate with their desire to look cool. Position top-selling gems as the stars of the show, effortlessly capturing attention and engagement.

Speak Your Target Audiences Language: Connect With Your Buyers

Immerse yourself in the psyche of teenagers and students, the true influencers of school supply and fashion decisions. Channel their preferences and stay seamlessly up-to-date with their evolving desires.

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Gear up for Back-to-School and catch your target audience's attention in time for the upcoming school season. Ramp up your marketing emails with ease using customizable Back-to-School Shopify email templates by Seguno!

Browse our back-to-school email templates to and take advantage of this important sales event!

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