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Gift Card Email Templates

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I have been using Seguno email for over three years now and have loved it more than any of the other email programs I've used. My emails have a much more elevated look and they offer so many tips and have plenty of videos and templates to make things user-friendly. Their customer service is great and straight-forward, which is so appreciated. Highly recommend!

- Soultree City, 3+ year seguno user

I initially signed up for this app as it was more reasonably priced and offered really nicely designed email templates. However what has been even better is the customer support. Whenever I've had any questions they are answered a)quickly and b) by a human. I have been very impressed by the level of service offered, a big 5 stars from me!

- I Dream of Silver, 1+ year seguno user

Quick and easy templates, fast responding customer support and outstanding Newsletters. It really makes a lot of fun to create emails this way.

- BIA Germany, 6+ month seguno user

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Gift cards are the perfect way to spread joy and let your loved ones choose their own special gifts. Whether it's for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other celebration, Gift Card Email Templates from Seguno are the perfect way to make gifting effortless and memorable for your customers.

Getting the most out of your gift card email templates

  • Customize your email template with product photos that reflect the spirit of the occasion.
  • Highlight the flexibility and convenience of your gift cards, making them the ideal gift choice.
  • Include a call-to-action that drives recipients to purchase gift cards easily.
  • Add a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate gifting.
  • Use real-time content to show the remaining balance or unique discounts on the gift cards.

Gift card email copywriting tips

When it comes to your Gift Card email template copy, keep it concise, warm, and focused on the joy of giving. Express how your gift cards can make every occasion extra special for the recipients, and be sure to highlight any current specials your business is promoting!

Elevate engagement: your gateway to effective gift card marketing!

In a world where anyone can offer a gift card, the battle for customer engagement has never been more fierce. Your mission? Stand out from the crowd. Transform passive recipients into active participants who eagerly embrace your gift card offerings.

Turning the tables: the art of making customers work for your gift cards!

Shift the dynamics by making customers work for the allure of your gift cards. Craft enticing invitations:

  • "Unlock a Free Gift Card by Signing Up Today"
  • "Refer a Friend for a $20 Gift Card – Get One Too!"
  • "Share Your Insights, Get Rewarded: Claim a $10 Gift Card"
  • "Tag and Share for a Chance to Win a $50 Gift Card"

While the offers vary, the core goal remains: captivate, engage, and ethically elevate your essential KPIs.

Crafting your brand symphony: gift cards as a prelude to your unique voice!

When your gift card reaches new eyes, it's your brand's opening note. Stand tall in a sea of sameness with a unique brand voice that echoes in every interaction. Enchant through engaging copy, harness the magic of expert product photo editing services for your eCommerce treasures, and envelop your gift card in a design that sings your brand's harmonious story.

Boost gift card ROI with product photos!

As the holiday frenzy unfolds, seize the spirit of warm wishes to ignite your Gift Card Marketing. Amidst shopping fervor, your gift cards become beacons of salvation for those seeking the perfect present. Share your gift card offerings, guiding holiday shoppers toward a hassle-free gifting solution that resonates deeply.

Discover the gateway to new audiences

As the holiday fervor engulfs shoppers, seize the opportunity to introduce your gift cards. Did you know that during this period, 61% of shoppers are open to embracing new brands? Position your gift cards as the gateway to discovery, forging connections that transcend the festive season.

With our user-friendly gift card email template collection, promoting your gifting options has never been easier. Let's make gifting a delightful experience together!

Maximize sales with gift card email templates by Seguno

Streamline sales and craft seamless campaigns for any gifting occasion with Seguno's gift card email templates.

Happy gifting!

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