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The Shopify Merchant resource center for email marketing during the Holiday season

Last-Minute Email Tips for Shopify Merchants this holiday

Walk away with your last-minute holiday messages all planned as we focus on how you can increase sales for the holiday season with your email program.
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Multi-email newsletter series ready to send for the holiday season


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Email Marketing

Holiday 2021
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Holiday Expert Tips

Use these proven email marketing tips and resources to generate more revenue this holiday season.

Snow Hill BackgroundAddress your BFCM & Holiday Shipping concerns

Address concerns upfront

Shipping always ranks as a top concern for shoppers. Use a banner at the top of your messages to address big shipping questions quickly. Call out holiday-specific concerns and needs near the footer, like your safety practices, store hours, pay later options or gift guides.

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Keep it simple

Simple messages are proven to perform best. Keep your holiday messages focused on a primary goal, like a promotion or product. Once you design a great-looking message, build more by making simple variations to the original—like adding a last-chance banner.

Keep your BFCM promotions & sales simple
Snow hill graphicSnow Hill BackgroundAdd some holiday excitement with animated GIFs

Add some holiday excitement

Use a simple animated GIF to bring holiday magic to your messages. Build enthusiasm around the holiday season by talking about gift-giving, stocking stuffers, and even shopping for yourself.

Inspire your subscribers

Include products and collections in your messages to give people ideas of what to purchase—and for whom. Add reviews for extra social proof and to inspire confidence in your products.

Inspire your email subscribers with Shopify products and collections
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Why Seguno?

Email Marketing Inside Shopify

Create, manage, and track your email marketing—without leaving Shopify.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

Email marketing inside your Shopify Admin, Mobile App, and Marketing campaigns. Get started in minutes—no scripts or theme mods.

Powerful Automations

Powerful Automations

Sophisticated technology made easy: baked-in best practices and one-click automations mean more time for your business.

Ready-made Email Templates

Ready-made Templates

Save time with our pre-built templates, complete with attractive imagery and marketing copy—all fully customizable.

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Holiday 2021
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