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New Features: Campaigns and Campaign TemplatesNew Features: Campaigns and Campaign Templates

New Features: Campaigns and Campaign Templates

During busy ecommerce seasons like BFCM or back-to-school, or when a new product or collection is launching, successful Shopify Merchants know that it takes more than just one newsletter to get the attention of their subscribers. Campaigns have become essential for increasing sales.

In our BFCM Lookbook, we tracked the campaigns of several successful brands, and as you can see they have created several newsletters with a central theme. To be more efficient and consistent they have also made sure the newsletters share a theme, font, colors, text, images. 

Campaigns help Shopify Merchants by producing more opportunities to get the attention of subscribers. They build trust by being consistent, and that trust results in sales.
Example of campaigns from our BFCM Lookbook

What is a campaign?

An email campaign is a collection of newsletters that share a common goal for a promotion or marketing event. The multi-newsletter approach uses a consistent look and feel to drive more engagement with shoppers - sharing colors, graphics, promotions, and a central goal or theme.

For example, you create 4 newsletters that share a theme and all have the goal of converting subscribers for your BFCM sale. 
Email marketing campaigns for shopify merchants
One campaign holding 4 newsletters

The two new features in Seguno:

Campaigns allow you to group related newsletters together. With a timeline summary, simpler scheduling, and aggregate reporting, campaigns will help you save you time and increase efficiency.

Campaign templates have been created to take the majority of the work out of building out multiple newsletters for a campaign. Let's say you want to run a 4 part BFCM campaign, but don't have the time to create those newsletters. Use a template, customize it with your own products, and hit send.  You can find these templates by going to: Templates > Template store.

Webinar Replay: Introduction to Email Campaigns. How they work, and how to set them up. Watch here
Customize the campaign templates with your products

Setting up and customizing a campaign template only takes a few clicks.

1) Select the campaign you want from the template store. During this process you'll pick out the collection you want to highlight within the campaign, you can change this later if you want.

2) Put in any custom images, products or discounts you want to add. More customization tips can be found here.

3) Schedule your newsletters, suggested dates and times have already been added. You can find subject line recommendations here.

Want a more personalized look?

You can take the template and swap out the colors, fonts, images and text however you see fit. The time-saving part about the campaign templates is that they were designed by experts to work with as much or as little personalization as you want to add.

customize the templates as you see fit

Walkthrough of campaigns:

Give campaigns and campaign templates a try, head into Seguno and go to Templates > Templates Store > Campaigns.

For questions on campaigns feel free to email us at help@seguno.com you can also find more information on how to use campaigns in our help articles: Building Campaigns

Create, manage, and track your email marketing—without leaving Shopify.

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