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Our New Black Friday Cyber Monday LookbookOur New Black Friday Cyber Monday Lookbook

Our New Black Friday Cyber Monday Lookbook

We've just released our BFCM Lookbook. It is full of great email marketing examples from top brands with tips that you can use right away to help improve your Black Friday and Cyber Monday newsletters. 

Black Friday Cyber Monday email marketing for Shopify Merchants
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In this BFCM Lookbook, we review the individual messages for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, giving you tips for each day. You'll notice that it is possible to develop one design and then make variations on it. 

BFCM email marketing messages with tips for shopify merchants
Black Friday and Cyber Monday message examples

The key with BFCM is to start early and get your strategy down. You'll want to create efficiencies anywhere you can see so that you spend your time wisely. 

From the BFCM Lookbook page 13:

Brands that are looking to maximize their revenue this BFCM won't just send two messages. Instead, they'll send a campaign: a series of coordinated messages that share a common goal.

Thinking about BFCM as an entire campaign means you can batch the work you need to do. Instead of putting together messages on the fly, which often takes more time, you can create multiple messages at once and then schedule them.

Planning out your campaigns in advance can also give you more breathing room during the busiest shopping season of the year, so you can focus on running your business (and filling all those orders).

Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign example for Shopify merchants
BFCM Campaigns with sending schedule examples

Every BFCM is a lot of work, but many Shopify Merchants report it as one of the most profitable seasons. Take this Lookbook and use it, emulate the messages, sample the copy, and have a successful BFCM. Download here.

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