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Customizing a campaign templateCustomizing a campaign template

Customizing a campaign template

Often times we compare message building to creating structures in Legos. Newsletters are built with sections and those sections stack on top of each other. You can alter each section, and where it is placed within the newsletter. If you haven't already learn more about the campaign templates here.

When you look at our foolproof layouts you'll notice that we take that in mind with the structure. The sections that we often recommend people use are: headline (rich text), images, copy (rich text), and call-to-action (buttons).

Foolproof newsletter layouts

When it comes to customizing your template, you'll want to make tweaks to specific sections within the newsletter. Some tweaks are more important than others.

Note: You can find subject line and text copy ideas here.

High priority changes:

Make sure your products are inside the message, if there is a large image at the top of the message, make sure to swap in one of your own.

Pro-tip: Give the text a read - does it match your brand? Will it make sense to your customers? Make any little tweaks that you think might help these newsletters look familiar to your audience.

Quick optional changes:

Here are some additional changes you can make that will help to make your message match your brand. If you are low on time, then feel free to keep the customizing to a minimum, but these small changes can make your newsletters more effective.

Classic Black Friday Template

Wavy Black Friday Template

Using Canva to make images and customize templates:

As you may already know Seguno integrates with Canva so that you can quickly create images while you build your newsletter. Saving you a lot of time. Take a look at how Katherine uses Canva to further customize the templates.

Classic Cyber Monday Template

Ultimately the templates were built so that you need to do very little customization. However, you have the flexibility to customize them completely if that is your preference.

More simple tweaks

Wavy Cyber Monday Template

Natural Cyber Monday Template

Natural Black Friday Template

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