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Webinar Replay: Introduction to Email Campaigns

Webinar Replay: Introduction to Email Campaigns

During our live event last week, we walked through our newest features: Campaigns and Campaign Templates.


  • Kestrel explains why campaigns are so necessary during important events/promotions
  • Brian walks everyone through setting up a campaign template. In under 15 mins, he was able to create four newsletters.
  • Katherine walks us all through how to customize newsletters to make sure they work for your brand. 

Watch now

Why are campaigns so important?

During busy times of the year, or special events for your business - it's important to remember that a one-off newsletter won't cut it. It simply won't get the attention you're looking for. 

Instead, you'll want to develop a multi-newsletter approach, and those are called campaigns. Campaigns are a series of newsletters connected by a shared goal and look and feel. More info on Campaigns here.

You could use a campaign for:

  • New product/collection announcement
  • A store opening or pop-up event
  • Ecommerce events like Black Friday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day
  • Important seasons like back-to-school or end-of-summer sales

Three best practices to remember with campaigns:

1) One newsletter won't cut it. Typically most minor campaigns have 3 newsletters, and larger campaigns can have over 12 newsletters.

2) The newsletters within the campaign should all share the same look and feel. This develops consistency and brand recognition, both of which are essential in building trust.

Remember: People buy from brands they trust.

3) Address any significant friction points consistently within the newsletters. Example: During gift-giving events, people are often worried about shipping, so it's a good idea to mention shipping information and deadlines within your newsletters. Often you'll see this as a banner within the message. The main idea here is that you want to soothe their concerns even before they think of them. 

Setting up a campaign template:

Watch Brian as he jumps into our Madison Page test account and builds out four newsletters in under 15mins. Feel free to pause, and follow along with him to set up.

Customizing a newsletter

If you've decided to use a Campaign Template and want to customize it to align with your brand, consider these simple tips further. Watch Katherine as she walks through how to pick a template and make subtle tweaks to match your brand. You can find lots more videos from Katherine on customizing your newsletters here.

Takeaways to consider.

Make a few simple swaps:

  • Select your collection
  • Add in your brand imagery
  • Hide elements that don't feel like a fit

Consider a few thoughtful edits

  • Use your brand colors & fonts*
  • Customize the copy

Go all the way with designer finishes

  • Mirror styles specific to your site
  • Add more of your brand imagery
  • Adjust the padding

Have you tried our new Campaign Templates? Let us know what you think! Shoot us a note at

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