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Holiday Gifting Campaign Templates

Holiday Gifting Campaign Templates

We've got three new Holiday Gifting Campaign Templates that you can use to help speed you toward your final days of the holiday season. Within each campaign is five newsletters. Each has been designed by experts and includes text that you can use right away.

Find Campaign Templates in the Template Store:
Go to Templates > Template store > Campaigns

Let's take a look at the three different designs. You'll want to pick a design that you think matches your brand. It doesn't need to be exact because you can easily customize the campaigns with your own colors (scroll to the bottom if you want to see them), and we have customization videos you can watch here.




Even though the designs might be different between each three styles, the individual newsletters share a common goal accross all.

Message 1 Gift Guide: In this newsletter you can focus on a collection that you've created that has gift recommendations in it. You can choose to put a discount in or not, you can also link to other collections by customizing the secondary section at the bottom.

Message 2 Holiday Collection: In this newsletter you could focus on another holiday related collection, or change the text to say something else, perhaps another gift guide. This could also be a good opportunity to focus on products that are good to have for the holiday season, but might not be gifts. For example, clothing or jewelry that someone may want to wear to a Christmas party.

Message 3 Holiday Product: Focus on a specific product in this newsletter, perhaps a best seller. Optimize the message by putting in a real customer quote that shows off why the product is so great.

Message 4 Shipping reminder: Send this message a few days before your last shipping date, tell people what their shipping options are, customize as needed.

Message 5 Last Chance: Send this out on your last shipping day, giving people a hard deadline is a great way to get some last minute sales.

Customizing your campaign template

Once you've picked out the Campaign Template that you think works best for you, it's time to install, pick out a collection you would like to put within the newsletter (don't worry, you can change this later if you want). Now it's time to customize the newsletters as much or as little as you want.

We recommend that you take the large image at the top and make it your own or remove it. It's a placeholder, and likely doesn't match your brand.

At this point, after updating the main image, you could go ahead and schedule the newsletters out. However, if you want to spend just a few more moments, you could easily customize some of the colors in the newsletters to match your website. This will help your audience recognize your brand more, and as you've heard us say before, consistency builds trust, and people buy from brands they trust.
You can go within the background of each section and customize the colors based on your online store.

It's worth pointing out that because of the way our templates are built, the newsletters already have decorations within them, in the example above, you'll notice that the bow's stay in place even when you change the color.

Here's another example of swapping out the color and main hero image, but keeping the holiday decoration within the template.

Need help with subject lines? Take a look at this post for some ideas.

The final step is setting up send dates for your messages. A good rule of thumb is to wait at least 1-2 days between messages. It's also essential to monitor your open and click rates. Typically, brands increase sending during the holidays, so sending a little more than you usually do is expected.

Take a look at your calendar and make sure you know when your last day for shipping is. Then set your email calendar around that. You need to tell your audience when your last shipping date is and dedicate a newsletter to it. I typically recommend that you send your messages early in the morning, and usually weekdays get more attention then weekends.

Webinar Replay: Last Minute Tips - Holiday Email Marketing for Shopify Merchants

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