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Holiday subject lines for you to copy and paste

Holiday subject lines for you to copy and paste

Need help figuring out subject lines for the rest of the season? No worries, we've got you. Take a look below for a list of subject lines that you can take and tweak for this holiday season.

We recommend using the subject line suggestion, then personalizing it for your audience. If you are running a promotion, consider putting that within the subject line as well.


  • Give the gift of _____
  • Gifts that they'll love
  • Gifts under $___ for your whole family
  • New: Gift Guide just for you
  • Our Most Giftable Goodies
  • Elf on The Shelf Approved: ________
  • Stocking stuffers to save your holiday
  • Stocking stuffers that won't break the bank
  • Perfect for everyone on your list
  • _(number)_ gift ideas for everyone on your list
  • For the person who has everything
  • Sleigh your list with these perfect gifts
  • Up to snow good ❄️ Sale starts now!

Treat yourself:

  • Treat yourself with these ______
  • A gift for them and a gift for you!
  • Give yourself the gift of ______
  • But what about you?
  • You've been good, right? We thought so ;-)
  • It's time for YOU to get what you really wanted
  • Gift for you and no one else
  • Treat yo'elf

Last Chance related:

  • Last day for FREE shipping
  • Last chance to get it there on time
  • Don't stress, let us ship it for you! 
  • Still, need a gift? Last day to ship!
  • Skip the crowds and ship today!
  • Order by ___ to get it there by _____
  • Last day to get __(promotion)___

Holiday Well Wishes:

  • Merry Christmas/Happy Kwanzaa/Happy Hanukkah from your friends at _______
  • A special holiday note for you
  • We just wanted to say thank you
  • A Christmas Wish from us to you
  • Happy New Year, it's been a year...
  • Here comes 2022!

Bonus: Emoji's to consider

🎅 ☃️ ❄️🎄 🎁 🤶 🌨 🛷🧣 🧤 ✨ ⭐️ 🕯 🥂 🚨

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