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Subject lines and text copy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Subject lines and text copy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, and you may be wondering  what to write within your newsletters this year. We've already covered a few important things to remember for BFCM, such as types of newsletters and your email calendar. Let's now dive deeper into what text you should put within your newsletters. 

Take a moment to decide if you would like to use more promotional-style messages or emotional ones. If you want more information on the difference, then you can read this post

TLDR: Promotional newsletters will have the incentive and discount be the only focus of the message. Emotional newsletters will feature information about the company, product, problem the product solves as the main focus. These messages often also include an incentive as well, but it's not pushed as hard as promotional messages. 

You'll also want to think about how many messages you'll want to send out this season. Successful Shopify merchants know that they will need to send out newsletters before BFCM, during, and afterward. This created a successful and organized campaign, meaning that you have multiple newsletters all with the same goal (drive sales during BFCM). 

Subject lines for promotional newsletters:

Early Access BFCM (before Friday)

  • Early Access to Black Friday Sales
  • Today only: ___ for Early Black Friday
  • Get a Sneak Peek at Black Friday 👀
  • Our Black Friday Sale Starts NOW
  • VIPs Only: Early Black Friday Deals
  • Get the Black Friday deals before anyone else!

Days of BFCM (Friday - Monday)

  • Black Friday Starts Now
  • Cyber Monday Starts Now
  • Black Friday Deals just released
  • Get ___ this weekend only
  • Black Friday Deals Inside
  • Cyber Monday Deals Inside

Extended or last chance. (after Monday)

  • Sale ends at ___ EST. 
  • Last chance, ends tonight. __% off
  • Don’t miss out! Last chance for ___
  • Only 3 hours left to get ___
  • ___% Off Extended for Cyber Week!
  • Cyber Monday Sale Extended
  • Missed our Black Friday Sale? Here's ___% off!

Once you have your subject line, here's message copy that you can use. You'll notice it's short and sweet. Please make sure to customize as you see fit and double-check all grammar. 

Text copy for promotional newsletters

Early access BFCM

  • Early Black Friday Deals Start Now!
  • It’s our early Black Friday Event
  • Why Wait till Friday? Get Great Deals Now
  • Psst! We’re only letting our VIP fans shop our Black Friday Deals early. Thanks for being a VIP.
  • For a limited time, you can get __(insert discount)___ on all _(product/category)__. 

Days of BFCM

  • We’re only letting our VIPs know about this…
  • ___ now on sale, today only. Ends at 9pm EST
  • Our Black Friday Sale Starts ____ 
  • Get __% off starting NOW.
  • Black Friday - Limited-time deals are waiting for you
  • Black Friday Deal That Delight
  • It’s finally here, we don’t do this often, but even we’re excited about this sale. 
  • For a limited time get _(promotion)__ off _(product)__. 
  • Cozy on up to these Black Friday deals

Extended or last chance

  • Black Friday Sale Extended!
  • Last chance to get __% off. 
  • Sale Ends Tonight
  • While supplies last (and we’re running out)
  • We extended the sale one more day, but we’re closing it down at 9pm ET tonight. 
  • Don’t miss out on these deals, it only happens once a year.

Calls to action for promotional newsletters

Shop Now
Claim My Offer
Shop Gifts
Shop Black Friday Deals
Shop Now and Save! 
Start Shopping
See My Deals
Apply Discount
Shop the Sale
See the Deals
Get __% off Now!

If you aren't sure you want to lead with a heavy incentive, maybe you sell a lux product, handmade, or very low-margin product. You may want to go with a more emotional angle in your messages. 

Subject lines for emotional newsletters

Early access BFCM

  • First Look: Our NEW ___
  • Shop our new holiday line
  • ❄️ Preview the Winter Collection ❄️
  • Limited time: Free gift with purchase
  • Shop local! Shop smart! Extra ___ off!

Days of BFCM

  • Black Friday: Shop Local and get ___% off
  • We’re Thankful for You
  • Cyber Monday Exclusives
  • Your Ultimate Gift Guide
  • New In: Perfect Holiday Gifts
  • Check Out Our New ___

Extended or last chance

  • Have you seen our new holiday styles?
  • We’ve only got a few of these left…
  • Last Chance to Get ___ 
  • Don’t Miss Out On ___

Text copy for emotional newsletters

Early access BFCM

  • Start the season off right, take a look at our new styles and collections.
  • Sneak peek, we’ve got new items that just landed on the site. You get to see them first. 
  • Free Gift with Purchase
  • As a special thank you for being a fan this holiday season we’re giving away something special with each purchase
  • Shop early and save, _____ for a limited time. 

Days of BFCM

  • We’ve got new __ that just launched. Take a look.
  • Thanks for being a fan, enjoy ____ today!
  • We know you have a choice when you shop. We appreciate that you shop locally, and remember the small businesses. 
  • Take an additional ___ as our way of saying thanks. 

Extended or last chance

  • Black Friday sales are winding down, so if you missed ours in the hustle and bustle - take a look now. 
  • Final call, we’re shutting the sale down later today but wanted to make sure you had a chance to shop. 
  • Our newest arrivals have just launched. We’ve got ___ and ___ just in time for the holidays. 

Calls to action for emotional newsletters

Learn more
See more
See the Styles
Indulge Me
Let's Go!
Find my Style
See what's new
Find out more
Show me more
Treat Myself
Get First Dibs

We hope this helps. If you want to dive deeper into ideas for BFCM head over to our Holiday Hub and take our free course!

Proud of what you made? Feel free to send it to us at and let us know how the message performed!

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