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BFCM newsletters to consider in your email marketing

BFCM newsletters to consider in your email marketing

Perhaps you feel locked into sending newsletters that look like those of the big box stores? Well, their strategy may not be suitable for you. Let's look at examples of BFCM newsletters that may help you decide what to send this year.

Usually, BFCM email marketing newsletters are one of the following.

Promotional—where the incentive or discount is the message's main point and is typically straightforward and simple to understand. The incentive still allows for profitability. 

Example. X% off, shop now!

Note: This is the more popular approach and one that BFCM is known for. However, that doesn't mean it's a good match for every Shopify Merchant. 

Let's say that I have a friend who has a lot of stock leftover from the year and already has pretty great margins. For that friend, running deep discounts and doing a more promotional strategy will probably make more sense. 

Emotional—The value of the product, company or the problem the product solves is the primary emphasis. A discount or incentive may still exist, but it's woven into the message along with an emotional pull to the product or company. Shopify Merchants that sell luxury products, handmade items, artwork, or anything with very slim margins may want to consider this approach.

Example: New Limited Edition Just Arrived

Let's say I make handmade artwork (because I do); I'm not discounting the artwork itself. I don't want to devalue it or pull into question the cost of the work. Instead, I'll emphasize that the artwork is one of a kind and is a great and unique gift. For the holidays, I'll include free shipping and gift wrap to help motivate people.

These two styles aren't mutually exclusive, but typically, a newsletter will emphasize one or the other. Typically, the overall campaign to which these newsletters belong will lean one way or another. 

Let's take a look at some examples.

Email Marketing for BFCM - Baggu

Baggu: here, they are using tiered threshold discounts. I love this approach. It raises your overall AOV and shows people that the more they spend, the more they save. They are rewarding high spenders. Overall this message is straightforward, and promotion is the main emphasis. 

NOVICA: is doing the same thing, but they've gotten quite creative here as well. They make a point to call out the artists that are a part of the organization. Putting smiling faces in this message helps people understand where their money is going. They've taken a regular promotion and make it more emotional to fit their overall brand strategy. 

Email marketing example for Black Friday cyber monday

June: this is a promotional message that focuses on a discount for bundles. Bundles are another great way to increase overall AOV. I also like that they added the bow, and it looks like holiday food in the picture. It's a subtle touch but taps into what's already on their subscriber's minds. It's a smart image in a promotional message. 

Tinker: Has departed from the idea of a discount entirely in this newsletter. Instead, they are mentioning that a special limited edition product will be released on BFCM. This approach will not work for every Shopify Merchant out there, but this newsletter could be a home run for specific merchants. I also love how they create anticipation and excitement by sending this newsletter before BFCM to get people excited and even search for their message on BFCM. Great emotions to stir up! Smart move. 

Everlane: In this specific message, they have a discount, but I'd argue that putting such a large section around their donation also makes this message pretty emotional. Cause marketing is a great way to show your audience you care, make sure to be transparent, and genuinely help out the organization you are donating to. 

We want to make sure that you are profitable this BFCM / Holiday season.

Need more help on this? Please take a peek at this article from Shopify, they do the math for you and give you some great ideas.

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