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Sending a Holiday Well Wishes message

Sending a Holiday Well Wishes message

There are several culturally significant events during December, not to mention it's the last month of the year and naturally is a time of reflection. Often this is why we see brands sending out some kind of well wishes message during December. Either to support a specific event, like Christmas or Kwanzaa or more generally as an optimistic endnote to the year. 

These messages can serve multiple purposes, they certainly can be used to sell more products, but the main point is often to show off a more human and personal side to your brand. Take a look at a few of these examples and see if this type of message makes sense for you. 

In this example from Assots London, we see a playful yet simple animated .gif. They've made a point to refer to the holiday season in general and include New Year. Specifically, in the text, they state, "however you choose to celebrate...". I think this message is nice because it's short, sweet, to the point, and seems genuine. There is no push to the site or any kind of promotion.

In this next message from Sean John, we learn the value of the 5th day of Kwanzaa. This message is powerful because it educates and supports the culture that is important to brand and brand values. The newsletter is straightforward and easy to read. The subtle use of the .gif in the flame is a nice touch. 

Below in this message, Nordstrom we that they first wish people a happy Hanukka and then have a subtle push to shop for friends and family. I think this is still respectful and tasteful. 

I really appreciate this newsletter from It's unique, and though it is a bit longer than I typically like to see, the way they've selected and laid out their content is entertaining. Often we see the holidays focus on serious messages. However, this brand chooses to provide a bit of joy via humor. They do include a reference to their products, but it's a soft push and feels organic.

To be successful answer these questions:

Which holiday/event do you and your audience value? A safe bet is to say happy holidays or New Year. However, if you want to lean into a specific event, make sure it's appropriate for your audience and go for it. 

What value can you offer your audience? It's nice to wish them a Happy Hanukkah or Merry Christmas, but ultimately you need to state something of value in the message. 

You could offer up:

  • a family recipe
  • some unique holiday-related photo/images
  • a specific and unique holiday discount or incentive
  • a fun video
  • a limited edition product
  • a joke 
  • a link to a Spotify playlist
  • anything that you think your audience would find interesting

How are you going to make it authentic and genuine? Sending a message that is cookie cutter and looks like junk mail, will be recieved like junk mail - thrown in the trash right away. So how do we avoid looking cringy or boring? Easy, be yourself! Remind them of who you are and why you started your business, your purpose, your values. How this time of year makes you and your family feel. How you like to celebrate. Sign the newsletter with a signature section. 

As always - keep it short and sweet. 3-4 lines of text should be plenty. If you have some unique content, feel free to make it a bit longer, but you must add value to your subscribers, or they won't see it as relevant. 

Use Canva to find some great holiday images. There are a ton of great holiday photos/elements on Canva for every holiday. You can choose from beautiful photos or graphic elements.

Seguno integrates with Canva so you can build your image while you build your newsletter, saving you time! Work smarter, not harder! More info on the Canva integration here.

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