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Holiday email marketing list growth

whip up some excitement

As online traffic goes up, so do your chances of gaining new subscribers and future customers. Take this opportunity to whip up a fresh email signup form and gain insights about your audience.

Cook up some holiday emails with Seguno Email Marketing

use multiple popups to snag more subscribers

Try different email popups on different areas of your site where visitors are likely to engage, like your blog, cart, or product pages. Don’t forget an exit-intent popup— they convert an additional 2-4% of visitors!

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give your email signup forms a holiday refresh

Make your standard email signup form stand out. Pair seasonal design elements with an irresistible offer, like early access to your BFCM sale or an email-exclusive discount, to attract new shoppers.

collect powerful zero-party data with forms

57% of consumers will share info in exchange for more personalized holiday marketing. Ask new subscribers about their preferences — Seguno automatically tags them for easy segment creation.

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Improve email personalization with your Shopify store popup

BFCM & holiday marketing


be anything but cookie cutter

Your customers’ inboxes will be bursting with BFCM and winter holiday marketing emails. So how can your Shopify store stand out? Start early and send strategically —  and don’t be afraid to do Black Friday your way.

Don't cookie cut corners with your holiday email marketing, use the Seguno Shopify App to make this your best BFCM/Holiday yet!

start sending your Black Friday emails earlier

65% of U.S. shoppers plan to make their holiday purchases before BFCM. Get ahead of the competition and send out your offer before major sales are in full swing.

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coordinate your content with campaigns

A single email can easily get overlooked in crowded inboxes. Amplify your marketing efforts with a multi-email campaign and reach your audience before, during, and after your event.

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Attract holiday shoppers with an email campaign

think beyond Black Friday for your sales

Give your customers a reason to choose you over the thousands of other competitors this BFCM and holiday season by highlighting what makes your brand unique.


handle customers with care

Shoppers are looking for more than just the best BFCM deals — they’re looking for new brands and experiences. Surprise and delight your customers with content they’ll remember so they’re more likely to shop with you again.

Seguno supports Shopify Merchants through all stages of the customer journey

send email marketing content that adds value

Mix up your promotional email marketing with personalized content that inspires and connects with customers. Think holiday gift guides, festive recipes, seasonal playlists, and expert product tips.

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make your email designs memorable

Add holiday-themed visuals, colors, and imagery that resonates with the season to spark your subscribers’ interest. Interactive elements like GIFs can bring magic to your messaging.

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automate touchpoints after the holidays

Post-purchase emails are the key to keeping your audience engaged after the holiday rush subsides. Use automations to thank your new customers, encourage repeat purchases, and reach out for reviews.

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