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New Templates: Labor Day and end of summerNew Templates: Labor Day and end of summer

New Templates: Labor Day and end of summer

Shopify Merchants can mark the end of summer with 2 things: end of summer sales and Labor Day. Both are great opportunities to clear out merchandise before fall and act on consumer habits. Both are considered 'straightforward promotions' meaning that customers are looking to shop for anything. There isn't an emphasis on shipping deadlines, gifting, or filling a specific need like with other retail holidays. Focus on your products and an incentive.

A reminder on discounts: There is no pressure to run both a Labor day discount and an End of Summer Sale. Some merchants may run both because they are clearing out inventory, or because their margins allow for frequent discounts. For many Shopify Merchants, it's smart to be cautious about a discount strategy. You can learn more about discount strategies from this article by Shopify. TLDR: don't overuse discounts and make sure that they are always profitable for you. Consider doing a minimum amount to be spent on any discount EX: Spend $50 get X% off (or free shipping/free gift).

Want to send an email but short on time? That's why we build templates that can be easily customized for any Shopify Merchant store.

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How do I get to the template store?

Easy! Navigate to the Templates tab to visit the full store. Featured seasonal templates are also available on your Seguno dashboard.

Install the template that you'd like to use for your newsletter. While some premium templates have an additional cost, many templates are available with no additional charge if you're using a paid version of Seguno. Learn more.

Now that I have my template, how do I turn it into an email?

Templates are prebuilt layouts that are used to speed up the process of creating Newsletters. Use the announcement banner to turn your new template into a newsletter quickly.

You may also navigate to the newsletter page to create a newsletter

Your new template will now be in your available templates.

Still not sure about how to use your new template? Learn more about using prebuilt templates.

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