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The Email Edit: Episode 9The Email Edit: Episode 9

The Email Edit: Episode 9

The Email Edit is where we take a look at Shopify Merchant messages, review them, and then pick a lucky winner to get a newsletter makeover from our graphic designer and newsletter design expert Katherine. 

When we look through these email newsletters, we're looking to point out best practices that anyone can take advantage of. So even if you aren't submitting your message for review, you can still learn a lot. At the end of the day, we're trying to show how you can practically use these email marketing observations to make your newsletters look great. 

In this episode of the Email Edit, we'll be talking through 3 very different Shopify brands. We're talking through two welcome messages and an abandoned cart message. 

Brands reviewed:

Highlights from this episode:

  • Let's make sure your menu bar has the top collections from your store. 
    Keep it simple, 3 maybe 4 items. During holiday makes sure you have a 'Gifts' collection that you highlight.
  • Make sure to let your product images shine! 
    Let's not cram them in there; consider only doing 1-2 products per row, so that people can see your products. 
  • Don't forget, put your logo into the header of your message. 
    Customize the message to match your brand. 
  • We love seeing the signature section being used at the bottom of messages
    Show off that a real human sent this. This helps your business stand out from big-box stores. 

🧡 Special treat:

We also have a video of behind the scenes with Katherine building the winning message. This is an awesome video if you want to up your game in Seguno. I love how easy it is to implement her ideas.

Want to submit your newsletter for review? We're always taking applications and even if you aren't chosen for an episode we'll still give you feedback on your message.

Submit newsletters to critique@seguno.com

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