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Tip of the month: metrics

Tip of the month: metrics

Let’s talk data. There are metrics you should be keeping an eye on regularly, even if once a month is all you can muster, to understand how your email marketing is performing.  

The dashboard within Seguno is a good place to start. From here, you can see an overall view of conversions from email, including:

  • Sales attributed to newsletters
  • Sales attributed to automations
  • Total sales from newsletters and automations
View of Seguno dashboard showing sales from newsletters and automations

After you’ve sent a newsletter, give it a little time to simmer. If you use the Seguno app, click back into the email message to find: 

  • Delivery rate: number of emails delivered divided by the number of emails sent 
  • Open rate: number of subscribers who open the email divided by the number of subscribers who were delivered the email
  • Click rate: number of subscribers who click on the email divided by the number of subscribers who were delivered the email. Aside from revenue per message, this is my preferred metric for quickly judging the success of a message.
Screenshot of Madison Paige newsletter, showing delivery rate, open rate and click rate stats

While you’re in the click rate section, check the “clicks” link to see the parts of the email that drew engagement and those that were less popular. 

Two other metrics to examine: 

  • Unsubscribe rate: anything less than 0.5%, on average, is acceptable. We don't love that people unsubscribe, but realistically it's a normal part of any email marketing program.
  • Complaint rate: you want to see this at 0%; you don’t want anyone flagging you as spam. If it's higher than 0.5% for more than three consecutive sends, please open a support case. This is the one we worry about because it's a direct signal to any email provider that the subscriber is not happy.

These rates are good indicators of what’s working for you, and what could use adjusting. They’re part of the bigger metrics picture you should be investigating.

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