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Tracking Email Marketing Metrics in Seguno

Tracking Email Marketing Metrics in Seguno

You did it–you created and sent a newsletter out to your email subscribers, and now you’re waiting to see the results. But once the results are in, how do you know if your email was successful?

Understanding which metrics are important to measure is critical to the success of your email marketing program. Once you’ve established your goals, most email service providers will show you the basics.

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Top metrics to consider

  • List growth
  • Average click rate
  • Total sales/sessions per newsletter
  • Lifetime sales attributed to emails
  • Finding your top-performing newsletter for the month
  • Deliverability

There are a few places you can track your metrics in Shopify. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the easiest ways of tracking your key metrics. 

List growth

Use this metric to track the rate at which your list is growing. If your email list isn’t growing, your email marketing program isn’t either, so this number should always be positive.

This is your number of new subscribers minus unsubscribes, divided by the total number of subscribers on your list, then multiplied by 100.

List growth = ((monthly new subscribers - monthly unsubscribes) / total subscribers) x 100

  1. On the Seguno Dashboard you will see the number of subscribers you have.
  1. If you go to the Customers tab within Shopify, you can create a query of your database by finding those who are subscribed. More info can be found here.

Interested in growing your list? Enjoy this free Course: How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Click rate

You can find this information on every newsletter that you send out of Seguno. These reports also include what people clicked on, this information could be helpful for you to review as well. More info can be found here.

The best way to quickly see which of your newsletters performed the best from the previous month is to look at the Newsletter dashboard and sort by Sent. 

Revenue and sessions generated per newsletter

  1. Navigate to the Marketing tab within Shopify. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see “Activities created outside of Shopify Marketing”. Click ‘see all’ and review all your newsletters created by Seguno. The revenue and sessions that they generated.
  1. If you have access to “Analytics” in Shopify you can also check the revenue generated by UTM code. Go to Analytics > Sales attributed to marketing > Manage filters > UTM source = Seguno

Note: Make sure to also set the time range for the time period you are looking for (Ex: last month)

Lifetime sales attributed to email

We've made it easy to see exactly what your email marketing is pulling in when it comes to number of sales, plus their total dollar value. This is known as tracking your conversions.

Find this data near the top of the Seguno app dashboard. The numbers reflect total sales attributed to Seguno email marketing, for all time. It's separated into sales that stem from newsletters and sales generated by automations.

View of Seguno dashboard showing sales from newsletters and automations


You can find this on the newsletter report page. Seguno shows these metrics to help you see what (if any) negative responses to your newsletter.

Unsubscribe Rate: The number of people who unsubscribed from your newsletters divided by the number of people sent. While it maybe tough to see this number, we know that having people unsubscribe on a regular basis is a normal part of any email program.

Complaint Rate: The number of people who hit the 'spam' button divided by the number of people sent. This is something we care a lot about. This number needs to be very low, and you'll want to monitor it. Google/Outlook/Yahoo/etc... all take this very seriously and we do NOT want people to hit the spam button.

Bounce rate: This is the number of people who have an invalid email or full inbox divided by the number of people sent. This is also a normal part of an email marketing program, we don't want to see a lot of bounces, because Google/Outlook/Yahoo/etc... may think you're spamming people, but it's expected you'll see some.

Open a support case if your metrics exceed these thresholds for more than 3 consecutive sends:
Unsubscribe rate: >0.5%
Complaint rate: >0.5%
Bounce rate: >5%
Delivery Rate: <95%
Open Rate: <10%

Want more information on improving your overall deliverability? Check out our Do's and Dont's here.

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