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What’s new in Seguno: August and September 2022

What’s new in Seguno: August and September 2022

Two integrations. Fresh email templates. A new subscribers report. And so much more.

We're rolling into Q4 with a ton of new features and improvements that make it easier for you to get started, get inspired, and get results in Seguno. Read on to learn more about our latest product updates.

Only have a couple minutes? Watch the video below for the highlights.

Get started with Seguno’s new setup guide

Get up and running quickly—and the right way—with a helpful dashboard guide.

The new setup guide walks you through essential email marketing tasks, like importing subscribers, reviewing settings, activating key automations, sending your first newsletter, and growing your subscriber list. Tasks check off as they’re completed, and the guide can be minimized at any time.

Already started? Check your setup guide to see if there are any essential tasks you missed and make sure you're getting the most out of your email marketing.

Learn more about getting started with Seguno

Share product reviews with new integrations

If you didn’t see a connection with your favorite review app before, check again. Now Seguno integrates with Loox and Junip, two of Shopify’s top product review apps. 

With these integrations, instantly pull average rating and review count into product sections to add valuable social proof to emails.

Connect your review app with Seguno

Kick off email creation with starter templates

Almost half of the Shopify merchants we surveyed said coming up with email content ideas is their number one challenge. With that feedback in mind, we introduced 21 newsletter templates to jumpstart your email creation process in Seguno. 

Built with industry trends and best practices in mind, these plug-and-play email templates make it easy for you to apply your theme settings, drop in your images, and customize your copy. You can find a template for everything from new product announcements and collection launches to special events and customer testimonials.

See the new starter templates inside Seguno

That’s not all! Create a four-part email series in just a few clicks with one of our four starter campaign templates. 

Made for your most frequent marketing events—product launches, collection launches, site-wide sales, and seasonal gifting—these campaign templates automatically inherit your email theme settings, making it easy to choose your products and collections and start customizing your content.

Learn more about creating campaigns

Create eye-catching popups quickly

Popups are a powerful way to convert site visitors into loyal customers, but designing a popup that performs can be a challenge.

That’s why we added over 30 new designs to Seguno Popups, making it easier for you to create and customize a high-performing popup for your Shopify store. With a variety of styles and images to get you inspired, you can use these templates to announce a sale or a shipping deadline, suggest a product or collection, and grow your subscriber list.

We also introduced a new countdown section to the popup editor. With this section, you can add urgency to your offers, build excitement for upcoming launches, or count down to a specific day or event. 

See all the designs inside Seguno Popups

Visualize your list activity in the subscribers report

If you’ve been looking for a more visual representation of your subscriber growth, this update is for you! The new subscribers report shows list activity and trends in three key areas:

  • Subscriber growth, a chart of new and lost subscribers over time 
  • Subscriber count, a graph of your list size over time
  • Recent subscribers, a list of your 10 newest subscribers and links to each profile

Check out your subscribers report inside Seguno

And that’s it for August and September! Now we're ready to help you wrap up the year with an awesome holiday season. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog (and your inbox!) for all the latest updates.

To see the full list of what’s new, visit the Seguno Changelog.

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