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Why Shopify Merchants Need Checkout Abandonment EmailsWhy Shopify Merchants Need Checkout Abandonment Emails

Why Shopify Merchants Need Checkout Abandonment Emails

Customers who have already subscribed, visited your site, and picked out what they want to buy are huge money makers for your Shopify business, so you don’t want to let them get away. But life happens and we get distracted. Distracted customers are leaving checkouts full of your products at the checkout page. They’re ready to buy, but life got in the way. Remind them to finish their purchase with a gentle nudge: a checkout abandonment email.

Checkout abandonment emails are those you send to remind customers who have left their checkouts before converting that they should complete their purchase. These are invaluable to your business because they remind customers who were already going to spend money with you to actually do it. Here's what you need to be thinking about with your checkout abandonment emails.

What Should I Include in My checkout Abandonment Emails?

Like any other email you send to your customers, checkout abandonment emails should be representative of your brand, but you can take two routes:

  • Brand focused. These typically have a large logo and brand-focused imagery that really backs up the brand persona. 
Branded focused

Customer service focused.

These tend to use more personal language and are focused on customer service. The email is more focused on thanking them for being a customer and asking how they can assist. 

Customer service focused

Once you decide which route you’re going to take, you’ll want to ensure you include a few basic components. Regardless of which type of email you choose, make sure it represents your brand, which you can do easily by displaying your logo and using the same colors, fonts, voice, and imagery. 

Other components include a product photo, CTA, links to their checkout or to the products, and personalization. By linking the image and any other CTAs to the product page or to their checkout, you make it so easy for them to convert before they have time to get distracted. If you’ve collected your subscribers first name, then merge tags are a great way to personalize your emails further with their first names.

Abandoned Checkout example from our demo store

I Created My First checkout Abandonment Email, Now What?

One reminder is great, but what if your customer gets distracted when they’re reading your checkout abandonment email? We suggest creating two or even building out a checkout abandonment series to increase your chances of customers converting and driving the most possible revenue.

No one wants to receive the same email over and over, so make sure you differentiate your checkout abandonment emails the same way you do with your subscriber emails. You can do this by adding in suggested products they’ll love based on what’s in their checkout, adding a unique discount code to the final email, or changing up your language to focus on how they’ll feel once they get that new necklace, dress, or whatever else you’re selling. 

With every email though, you’ll want to include those basic components we discussed earlier. Now that you know everything that needs to be in the email, we’ll show you how easy it is to actually create your email series.

If you haven’t already, download the Seguno app to make all your Shopify email marketing efforts quick and easy. Once you’ve got your account set up, visit the dashboard and click on the automations tab. You’ll see the abandoned checkout email template where you can edit it to fit your brand and the message you want to send. Verify your settings and activate your automation.

Here's a Seguno support article on how to set up your multi-email automations.

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