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5 ideas for a January newsletter [+email subject line ideas]

5 ideas for a January newsletter [+email subject line ideas]

You’ve survived the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush, mad dash of last-minute shopping, and marathon in between. 

Go ahead and collapse, just for a bit. 

A new year beckons, bringing a fresh opportunity to engage subscribers with email marketing.  

Yes, many consumers are experiencing post-holiday burnout and stashing away their wallets for a while. You might wonder whether January newsletters merit much effort. 

Think beyond the classic sales pitch (though it’s perfectly OK to promote a January discount). Instead, view monthly newsletters as an avenue for building brand awareness and highlighting what makes your Shopify store worthy of someone’s hard-earned money.

Besides, email marketing best practices call for sending consistency. You need to keep pace — or, if you ramped up over the holiday shopping season, then scale back to normal — to see results.  

Let’s dig into five January email newsletter content ideas to intrigue subscribers. We share tips for writing effective January newsletters and are tossing in some email subject lines, too. 


#1 Ring in the new year

If ever there was a quintessential January email, it’s the New Year newsletter

There’s no shortage of ways to celebrate the passage of one calendar year to the next. While it’s easy to kick things off with a New Year’s sale to clear out inventory, there are other tactics for connecting with your audience: 

  • Help subscribers meet their New Year’s resolutions by positioning your brand as the right solution
  • Reflect on the past year’s achievements, such as product launches, a “best of” or noteworthy moments
  • Thank customers and tell them what their support means to your business

We like Revolve’s self-care/“fresh start” combo.

Screenshot of email with the headline 'a fresh start' and photo of a woman in a white long-sleeve shirt and black pants

A few email design and structural elements make for a great read: 

  1. Dominant hero image that draws the eye toward the correlating text
  2. Curated outfits — complete with accessories — align with common New Year’s resolutions, from regularly making time for exercise to indulging in friendships

Whichever path your New Year newsletter takes, reinforce optimism for the new year and its potential. It can be as subtle as visuals that express hope or give a hint of cheer, or as overt as including aspirational quotes. 

New Year email subject line ideas 

  • Happy New Year! Take _% off
  • One final toast to 2023 
  • Count on us to help kickstart your goals! 
  • Crush 2024 with ___
  • Resolve to refresh? You’ve come to the right place
  • Thank you for an incredible year
  • Cheers to our amazing customers: enjoy __% off

#2 Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On the third Monday of January, Americans annually celebrate and honor the life and legacy of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  

Retailers and ecommerce merchants often use it as a springboard for another sale. But we encourage Shopify merchants to rally around the day’s significance. 

MLK Day is a time to pause and reflect on civil rights, racial and economic justice, and social change. Here are a few questions to get you thinking about possible messaging:

  • Does your business support MLK Jr.’s vision for equality and inclusion — perhaps investing in minority partners or selling products that amplify the message of unity? 
  • Are you involved in any diversity initiatives? 
  • How can your brand commemorate the day? For example, a children’s clothing brand could suggest age-appropriate activities for reinforcing Dr. King’s legacy. 

We appreciate the sincerity of headpiece atelier and jeweler Jennifer Behr.

Screenshot of an email with a photo of MLK Jr. delivering his 'I Have a Dream' speech and the quote 'Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'what are you doing for others?'

While the email is ultimately a means to bolster shop sales, the brand emphasizes the meaning of MLK Day by:

  • Choosing relevant imagery over its product photos
  • Financially supporting Black art and culture
  • Focusing the message on the work of its chosen charity

Remember that the federal holiday is also the only national day of service. If you take part in or support a service activity, let your subscribers know about it. MLK Jr. Day email subject line ideas

MLK Jr. Day email subject line ideas

  • __% of today's profits will support __
  • Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today and every day
  • We’re keeping MLK Jr.'s dream alive
  • Enjoy __% off our diversity collection
  • Help us give back for MLK Day
  • Our commitment to creating positive change
  • How to celebrate MLK Day


#3 Provide support on Blue Monday

The third Monday of January presents another January newsletter idea for Shopify stores: Blue Monday.

Though there’s no scientific proof that it’s the most depressing day of the year, marketers often use Blue Monday to uplift subscribers with a positivity-focused email. It’s an acknowledgment that some people struggle with the post-holiday slowdown, have given up on a New Year’s resolution, or — for many parts of the Northern Hemisphere — suffer from seasonal affective disorder. 

Following are some content ideas for relating to and reassuring those experiencing a dampened mood:

  • Recommend mood-boosting or comfort-elevating products
  • Advocate for self-care and wellness by promoting discounts for pertinent products  
  • Share resources that empathize, motivate, support, or provide hope; it could be as simple as a collection of quotes
  • Lean into the hue psychology of blue’s calming and relaxing effects by featuring blue-colored products

The email example from Hydrant does a splendid job of motivating anyone trying to claw their way out of a gloomy state. The brand reminds subscribers of healthy habits, pairing a product with each.

Screenshot of email with the headline 'Blue Monday' and closeup of section detailing the life hack of getting solid sleep with an accompanying product

Be aware that a portion of any subscriber base is battling clinical depression. Such recognition will help you craft a sensitive yet helpful message that doesn’t make light of those dealing with mental health difficulties. 

Blue Monday email subject line ideas 

  • Our top products for stopping Blue Monday in its tracks 
  • Brighten your day with __% off cozy essentials
  • 5 self-care tips for uplifting your mood
  • Our top picks for sparking joy and beating the winter blues
  • De-stress with our ___ collection
  • Peek inside for Blue Monday wellness deals

#4 Lean into winter

Brands are always looking ahead to the next season. But much of the world’s population is at the mercy of winter in January, experiencing colder temperatures, snowy conditions, and shorter days.  

Therefore, winter-centered products are incredibly relevant. If you’re ready to offer subscribers a deal, it’s the perfect time for a promotional pricing strategy tinged with urgency. 

A winter-based message is a perfect January newsletter addition. Consider:

  • Running a winter clearance sale
  • Promoting seasonal bestsellers without a discount incentive
  • Sharing educational or entertaining content that ties into cold-weather topics, like hearty recipes or indoor activities 

Below is a fantastic email spotlighting solutions from BeautifiedYou that tackle winter skin challenges. 

Email screenshot with the headline '5 products for happy, hydrated winter skin'

The email features:

  1. A good balance between high-quality product imagery and concise yet descriptive text
  2. Clear calls to action (CTAs) for each product
  3. Winter-themed graphics for an extra visual punch
Employ geographic-based email segmentation if your subscribers are spread across the globe. You’ll improve personalization by sending winter-related emails solely to those experiencing colder climates.

Winter email subject line ideas

  • Get your winter gear before it’s gone
  • __ and __ are 30% off!
  • Cozy up with our latest deals
  • The 3 bestsellers you need for winter
  • Snow days are for specials!
  • The cold-weather __ we love
  • Trending in January: our top 5 winter essentials

#5 Start Valentine’s Day promos

Valentine’s Day is a significant marketing opportunity for all Shopify stores. Consider that in 2023, American consumers planned to spend $192.80 on average. 

Planning to skip Valentine’s Day marketing since your shop’s inventory doesn’t include traditional Valentine’s gift items? 

Don’t. People hunt for unique presents for significant others, family members, children, pets, and friends. 

They start looking early, too. Slide at least one early-bird email into the January newsletter mix so that you’re in the inbox, ready to meet their needs. 

Some ideas: 

  • Compile a gift guide of recommendations curated by your chosen category (gifter-giftee relationship, personality, gender, etc.)
  • Provide VIPs early access to seasonal merchandise
  • Debut limited-edition products or collections 

Check out how Snarky Tea builds hype with a mid-January email. 

Email screenshot with the headline 'valentine's teas are coming this friday!'

We love how the email example: 

  1. Punches up the sampler’s exclusivity by inviting subscribers to sign up for first dibs
  2. Ties into another Valentine’s theme — self-care — through educational content

Early Valentine’s Day email subject line ideas 

  • It’s never too early for a Valentine's Day gift guide!
  • Jumpstart V-Day shopping with __% off
  • A sneak peek for our valentines
  • These gift ideas have heart 
  • Coming soon: sweet deals 
  • Beat Cupid to the punch  

Keep your brand top of mind with January newsletters

Make January a time to re-engage your subscribers. The best way to do so is with a variety of content. 

Even if you muster two of our January newsletter ideas, you maintain momentum after the holiday rush. We’ve got several Seguno email templates awaiting customization if you need a hand.  

Keep monthly newsletters consistent, compelling, and aimed at establishing a relationship with your subscribers. The more you can branch out beyond aggressive sales promotions, the better. 

For more ideas on what to send in January and the next few months, download our free Q1 email marketing planning guide

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