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8 February newsletter ideas [+ subject lines]

8 February newsletter ideas [+ subject lines]

If you’re looking for reasons to ramp up your email marketing, you’ll love February.  

Valentine’s Day looms large and drives many a February campaign. But it’s not the only avenue for connecting with your audience. 

In all, we’ve got eight February newsletter ideas to consider. 

Disclaimer: Not all are right for everyone. Your brand, products, customer base, and location will influence what resonates.

Harness the email marketing ideas that logically fit and can potentially engage subscribers. Don't force it if it makes you cringe or the idea feels out of touch with your brand. 

We’re confident you’ll find inspiration in at least one or two email examples plucked. We’re digesting what works for each and supplying batches of email subject line ideas to get you started. 


#1 Share the love with Valentine's Day promos

The beginning of February is the time to get serious about your Valentine’s Day emails, regardless if you launched early Valentine’s promos in January.  

Feb. 14 is a crucial date for ecommerce. The National Retail Federation reports that consumers plan to spend $101.84 on significant others and family members. The estimated planned spending for everyone else — friends, children’s classmates, pets, etc. — is $29.08.  

So, forget that the day is solely for romantically linked couples. And given consumer spending, you might want to enhance your Valentine’s Day marketing game by running a campaign of multiple emails. 

Here are some ways to embrace the love theme:

  • Create gift guides. Divvy your product suggestions based on whatever category strikes your fancy. How about gifts for partners, kids, and pets? Or what about outfits for a dinner date, movie date, or cocktail date?
  • Promote your cupid-inspired collections. Shine the light on products made for the season. Don’t have any? Feature red- and pink-colored top-sellers. 
  • Run a sale. Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to offer discounts. Or bundle gift-worthy products at a discounted price to increase average order value. 

We enjoy beverage brand Recess’ take on Valentine’s Day email marketing.

Email with the headline 'how to ask your crush out this v day' and featuring candy hearts

What we like:  

  1. Content that veers from the norm. Conversation hearts aren’t unusual. Quotes “written” by beverage cans are. Love it.   
  2. Its brevity. This email has an excellent ratio of imagery and text, with an easy-to-find call to action (CTA) button encouraging a site visit.  
  3. A compelling email subject line. “Love advice from the cans” is both fun and intriguing. 
Seguno has Valentine’s Day email templates to get you on the fast track.

Email subject lines for Valentine’s Day

  • Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?
  • ___% off our exclusive heart collection 
  • Add ❤️ to your 🛒
  • Your Valentine’s Day gift guide
  • 💘 Love-struck looks
  • Gift ideas from the heart

#2 Celebrate women’s friendships on Galentine's Day 

Some slate Galentine’s Day under the umbrella of Valentine’s Day. 

Since it’s a separate day (Feb. 13) meant for a specific group (women celebrating their gal pals), we think Galentine’s Day can be a distinct February newsletter. 

Channel the day’s meaning. It’s a time for toasting female friendships. 

Run a sale on women-focused products. Even better? Highlight how your brand can contribute toward creating a memorable get-together.

Take Summersalt’s email example.

Email with the headline 'buy the suits. book the girls' trip.' along with a photo of two women in bathing suits holding champagne flutes

What we like: 

  1. A hero image and headline that do the talking. Two smiling women, ready for the pool — champagne flutes in hand — capture the essence of Galentine’s Day. “Book the girls’ trip” reinforces the message of making a splurge. 
  2. Product pairing recommendations. Inspiration based on the trip locale comes to life with beautiful product photographs
  3. A fun subject line. “NEW looks for you & your BFF 👯”  hits it. 

If the nature and products of your Shopify store don’t merit a Galentine’s Day feature email and you’re dying to harness the celebration, slide a content block into a Valentine’s Day or February newsletter.

Email subject lines for Galentine’s Day

  • Will you be our Galentine?
  • Galentine’s Day looks you’ll adore 💗
  • Gifts for your Galentine girlies
  • 10 gift ideas your BFF will love ❤️
  • __% off to spoil your gal pals!  

#3 Have seasonal fun with Groundhog Day

America has turned to “Punxsutawney Phil” every Feb. 2 since 1887 to answer the question, “Must we endure six more weeks of winter, or will spring arrive early?” 

Never mind that his shadow-based predictions are 35% accurate. Groundhog Day is the excuse to send a playful message to your subscribers and inject lighthearted fun into the February newsletter lineup. 

Use Groundhog Day as a springboard for highlighting seasonal products — winter, spring, and pieces for transitioning between the two. You could also tailor content according to the 2024 prognostication; i.e., a winter clearance if he sees his shadow or a peek at spring products on the horizon if he doesn’t. 

Peach & Lily puts a nice spin on the Groundhog Day email.

Email with the headline '6 more weeks of winter'

What we like: 

  1. Tying products to the outcome. Peach & Lily backs up its ‘6 more weeks of winter’ headline with products to help customers persevere. 
  2. CTAs throughout. The brand snags attention with the eye-catching ‘shop moisturizers’ button and follows up with CTAs for each product. 
  3. Clear value propositions. Highlighting various moisturizers requires distinguishing one from another. The “best of” designation makes it easy for customers to locate the solution to their problem.   

Email subject lines for Groundhog Day

  • Happy Groundhog Day! Enjoy ___% off cozy winter styles 
  • Say goodbye to winter with new looks for spring
  • Phil says 6 more weeks of winter, but we’re ready for spring! 
  • We heard spring is delayed … 
  • Groundhog-approved sale on now

#4 Mark the Lunar New Year 

The Lunar New Year — aka the Chinese New Year — poses an opportunity to support the cultural traditions of a significant holiday for many East Asian cultures. 

Read: Bonding with a sizable population can go a long way in building trust among diverse customer markets, including those without Asian lineage. The best approach involves intentionality and honoring the holiday’s significance. 

The 2024 Chinese New Year begins Feb. 10 and ends 15 days later. This year’s Chinese zodiac symbol is the dragon, signifying strength, success, and luck. Customs vary by country, but common to all is an emphasis on family time, feasting on prosperity-symbolic foods, cleaning and decluttering, and honoring ancestors. 

Here are some email marketing ideas for the Lunar New Year:  

  • Recommend products for in-person celebrations. This is a no-brainer for any Shopify store that sells culturally relevant products or specializes in Asian cuisine. Otherwise, think outside the box. Do you have products that enhance family gatherings?
  • Highlight symbolic merchandise. Promote dragon- or Asian-influenced products, including limited-edition items made specifically for the holiday.  
  • Tie into the cleaning aspect. Observants of the Chinese New Year traditionally rid their homes of bad luck with a thorough cleaning beforehand. Feature pertinent products or share organizational tips.  

Check out Perricone MD’s twist on the Lunar New Year newsletter. 

Email with the headline 'it's the year of the dragon' featuring a graphic image of a Chinese dragon

What we like: 

  1. An unexpected alignment that works. Perricone MD is a skincare company founded by an American dermatologist — not a background typically associated with the Chinese New Year. The brand artfully draws on zodiac symbolism for a natural fit. 
  2. ‘Year of the Dragon’ as the centerpiece. The brand could have showcased products “above the fold” and used Chinese New Year symbols as a secondary element. Instead, its dominating graphic pays tribute to the celebration. 
  3. Product recommendations. Photos, price markdown transparency, and short value proposition descriptions accompany each CTA.  

Email subject lines for the Lunar New Year

  • Start the Lunar New Year in style 
  • __% off our Year of the Dragon collection 
  • Introducing our limited-edition dragon collection 🐉 
  • Wishing you a prosperous Chinese New Year!
  • 🐲 Roaring Lunar New Year deals 
Get a jumpstart with one of Seguno’s Chinese New Year templates.

#5 Honor Black History Month 

No February newsletter ideas list is complete without Black History Month, a chance to meaningfully pay homage to African Americans’ accomplishments and recognize their legacy throughout U.S. history. 

Like the Lunar New Year, an email in support of Black History Month can demonstrate that your brand welcomes and champions minority communities. Ensure the message is genuine to your values. 

Here are a few ideas for respectfully commemorating Black History Month: 

  • Showcase products from Black-owned businesses
  • Tell your founder story if you’re a Black business owner 
  • Spotlight Black-empowering merchandise
  • Share the inclusive efforts of your Shopify store, such as support of underrepresented artisans or non-profits advancing diversity initiatives

Or, take inspiration from the Package Free Shop. 

Email with the headline 'Black environmentalists to put on your radar'

What we like: 

  1. Putting aside self-promotion for education. Climate-friendly products are the heart of the Package Free Shop. The brand highlighted its favorite products from Black-owned sustainable businesses in a separate Black History Month email. We like that it’s reserving one newsletter for celebrating Black environmentalists. 
  2. Creator links. Package Free continues its goodwill approach by directing link-clickers to the trailblazers’ Instagram accounts for further exploration. 

Any brand that heavily resonates with Black History Month should consider developing an email campaign. It is a month-long celebration, after all. 

Rely on a Seguno Black History Month email template if you’re short on time or ideas.

Email subject lines for Black History Month

  • How we’re honoring Black History Month 
  • Shop our favorite Black-owned brands 
  • ___% off our Black history shirts 
  • February sales support racial justice efforts 
  • The Black artists that need to be on your radar

#6 Get in the game with the Super Bowl

America’s cultural phenomenon of watching the NFL’s “big game” — which is Feb. 11 this year — translates to ecommerce opportunities. 

We’re not talking about Super Bowl TV advertising. In 2023, the National Retail Federation projected household spending of $85.36

The vast majority of money goes to food and beverages. Consumers also buy team apparel, TVs, decorations, and furniture. 

Here are a few email ideas for scoring some business:

  • Showcase party-appropriate products. Specialize in salty snacks? Send a roundup of snacking essentials. Sell athleisurewear? Highlight your coziest pants for lounging on the couch. 
  • Run a sale during halftime. An offer with a brief window makes for potential logistical challenges. But it’s a fun idea that — if promoted adequately, with a compelling offer — can make it worthwhile. 
  • Feature your best-sellers with a “champion’s essentials” list. This is an effective tactic when your products don’t have anything in common with Super Bowl parties. A haircare brand, for instance, could highlight the essential products for a winning hairstyle.
  • Share a recipe. As mentioned, food takes center stage. Appetizer, party dip, liquid concoction — give your subscribers a new recipe if you deal in food and beverage.    

Take a look at how Italian shoe brand M. Gemi tunes into football fandom.

Email with the headline 'game day go-tos'

What we like: 

  1. Gift guide-like approach. M. Gemi seamlessly draws a line from footwear to the Super Bowl — a connection most people wouldn’t ordinarily make. The football-aligned categories (for the tailgate, for a house party, etc.) are perfect. 
  2. Playful language. There’s not much text, but what’s included packs a punch. Word choice is spot-on for channeling game-day vibes. 
  3. Unique CTAs. We see too many brands repeatedly using the same CTA wording. Customization for each button is the better route for product reinforcement. 

Email subject lines for the Super Bowl

  • 🏈 Time to get your game on! 
  • Winning styles for ___% off
  • Peek inside for your game-day lineup
  • __% off snacks for the big game
  • 💸 Big savings: halftime only!

#7 Capitalize on Leap Day

Leap Day can’t arrive soon enough for anyone who pounces on rare marketing opportunities. After a four-year hiatus, it returns on Feb. 29, 2024.   

Unleash the creativity. You won’t get the chance again until 2028.

Browsing the email archives reveals that many brands center messages around “29” (29% off, two for $29, etc.) or hold an exclusive one-day sale. Both are fine options.   

Knix takes Leap Day email marketing to a different and memorable level. 

Email with the headline 'Take the leap' and a photo of a woman jogging

What we like: 

  1. An intriguing subject line. “Speaking of things that leap … “ prefaces the preview text, “You don’t have to hate jumping any longer.” Piques our interest. 
  2. An unexpected Leap Day tie-in. Bras have nothing to do with Leap Day, but Knix convinces us otherwise. Credit goes to the subject line for establishing the foundation. 
  3. Callout of value propositions. The brand explains the bra’s benefits with tangible measures. That’s persuasive positioning right there.

Email subject lines for Leap Day

  • Bonus day in February = bonus savings 
  • Earn 29 extra loyalty rewards on purchases 
  • One day only to save 29%
  • Spring into savings with our Leap Day sale
  • The sale that happens every 4 years

#8 Start Easter promos

Easter 2024 falls on the last day of March. So why advocate for Easter promotions as part of your February newsletter rotation?

Easter is another essential holiday for ecommerce marketers. The average household spent $192 in 2023 on candy, food, gifts, clothing, and decorations.   

People browse and shop early. There’s also the factor of shipping. 

Don’t be overlooked because you’re not around when consumers are on the hunt, only to appear when it’s too late. We noticed Easter emails surfacing at the end of January. 

A gift guide, like the one from Personalization Mall, is a fantastic kickoff to Easter email marketing. 

email with the headline 'easter basket stuffers!' followed by images of Easter baskets with goodies

What we like: 

  1. The gifting angle. Personalization Mall’s inventory contains many products appropriate for Easter celebrations. The brand could have created a gift guide covering multiple categories (decor, clothing, etc.). We appreciate the narrow focus on Easter basket gifts based on categories of girls, boys, babies, and toys and games.   
  2. Vibrant product arrangement. The brand squeezes in many product recommendations — normally overwhelming. But the presentation makes for an enjoyable experience. The assembled baskets are also a nice blueprint for parents with little time or creativity.  

Email subject lines for early Easter promos 

  • Hop to it! The Easter Shop is now open  
  • Entertaining essentials for your Easter feast 
  • 🐰The Easter Bunny is bringing early savings 
  • Fill your baskets early with __% off
  • 🐣 Egg-cellent gifts, bunny approved
Lean on one of Seguno’s Easter email templates to get a head start.

Think beyond Valentine’s Day for your February newsletters

It may be the shortest month of the year, but February is brimming with opportunities for meaningful subscriber and customer engagement. 

Make room for other content aside from touting Valentine’s Day sales. Piggyback on other happenings of the month, whether joining in on a cultural festivity or amplifying a diversity awareness initiative.  

Use Seguno and the Canva integration to infuse February newsletters with variety and brand personality. And monitor the resulting email marketing metrics to understand how they perform.  

For more February newsletter ideas and a template for conducting a monthly metrics review, download Seguno’s free Q1 email marketing planning guide.  

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