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What should you send this month?

What should you send this month?

August 2022

August is a bit different from the past couple of months because it lacks a big traditional retail event anchored to a holiday. 

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to promote. It’s just that the email marketing pickings are a bit slim for most Shopify merchants.  

Below is our August-themed video from last year (still very relevant), or keep scrolling for some email ideas.  

Back to school

If there’s one event that stands out, it’s back to school. That goes for kiddos of primary school age plus young adults pursuing higher education. 

Deloitte expects back-to-school shopping costs for K-12 students to rise 24% from just two years ago. Back-to-college spending is also expected to increase, up 13% since 2019. The increase has a lot to do with inflation.  

Rising prices or not, students need supplies. Growth spurts — and the desire for a fresh look — drive clothing purchases. Therefore, there’s a lot of spending going on across a variety of industries. Don’t count your shop out just because you don’t sell pencils and notebooks. 

I’ll leave you with one example from Vitruvi that shows a non-traditional back-to-school slant. 

Email showing  photo of a notebook and pencil with essential oil diffuser in the background and accompanying text "study buddy"

I’m pretty sure that the average person doesn’t associate an essential oil diffuser with back to school, which is why this email from Vitruvi is so clever. I love the lifestyle shot that features more traditional items, with the diffuser hanging out (and in operation) in the background. Pair it with really creative copy — plus a fantastic call to action — and you’ve got a winner. 

Want more advice and examples for back-to-school email marketing? We dive deeper in this blog post.

Other ideas for August

I’ve got two other email marketing angles you might want to try out:

  • End-of-summer sale. A few months ago we advocated sending a “Hey, summer’s here” email. Now, it’s (unfortunately) time to say farewell. This is a great chance to bring the curtain down on your summer products and clear product out in prep for the fall season. Consider a straight-up discount, perhaps with a minimum spend order, or even a free gift.  
  • Labor Day (Sept. 5). This is another holiday that’s very much focused around promotions. It’s time-sensitive, too. You can start a bit early with your email messages, but it’s not as if Labor Day weekend lasts for very long. Spend some time this month thinking about the promotions you want to execute so you’re not scrambling last minute. (Check out our templates store for patriotic templates.)  

We’ll be back in about a month to round out Q3 email marketing possibilities! 

July 2022

Welcome to the dog days of summer, Shopify merchants.  

These lazy, hazy times don’t have to necessarily equate to a slow email marketing calendar. You’ve come to the right place if you need ideas.  

We’re focusing on summer sales, but also talking about last-minute 4th of July promos and yes, even back to school. 

I’m posting the video from last year for some general tips and examples. Keep reading below for some more inspiration that I’ve pulled together for you. 

Summer sales 

The thing about the “summer sale” is that they happen throughout the season. July is as good a time as any to promote one. 

Normally, they are just that: straightforward sales. So there’s no need to overthink them or get complicated. 

Here’s one from Bed in a Box. You know what you’re getting (30% off mattress bundles, 20% off select mattresses, and potentially a free gift) and when (one week). I also like how they give specific ideas, and reveal the actual savings by showing what you’d pay full price versus what you pay with the deal. 

Not to mention, the text copy is on point. "Snooze Sale." "Zzzzzs." Perfect.

Email with title Easy, Breezy, ZZZs Summer Snooze Sale, and imagery of man sitting on a bed

Next up is a beauty from House of Antique Hardware. I love the aesthetics. The lifestyle shot at top sets the tone and is a good match for the “simple” and “stylish” reference in the headline. 

In fact, the rest of the email follows suit. The copy is short and direct, yet effective, throughout — from spelling out the sale to featuring ideas by way of categorized products. Plus, the images are lovely.

Image of email featuring two women sitting at a counter in a kitchen, with the headline: simple, stylish, summer updates

You can also capitalize on Christmas in July, like James Michelle does below. Again, the sale offer is easy to discern. But what I really like is how they stick to their branding. Rather than cave to red and green, they mold their own Christmas tree to fit their natural color palette.

Image of email featuring photo squares of jewelry in teh shape of a tree with the headline: Christmas in July 20% off

And on top of it, the tree is an eye-catching gif. Each diamond block features a rotation of jewelry pieces. See the full effect here.

Head over to Seguno’s Template Store for summery options, from the sale to the style guide to the vacation-bound.

Other ideas for July 

I covered 4th of July in our June edition of what to send, given the fact that the holiday hits so early in the month. Since you’ve still got some time to leverage it, let’s take another look. 

Traditionally, this is a great time to clear out excess stock to make room for the big selling season that is Q4 and back to school (more on that in a minute). There are a couple of different ways you can approach it: 

  • One big, straightforward promotion: a simple graphic that’s red, white and blue themed, alongside a promotion (see how Tommy Hilfiger does it) 
  • Product feature: promote items that are red, white, and blue, or American themed (see DAVIDsTEA)
Image on the left of a straight-forward promo, featuring 40% off entire store in the center of a circle with stars and stripes; image on the right of a 4th of July specific product, featuring cupcakes and a birthday case, with the headline it's a star-spangled sweet tea

Also, if you’re participating in a live event — whether it's in store or part of a popup market at a local 4th of July celebration — tell your audience about it! Let them know when and where you’re going to be, and encourage them to follow you on your social handles for an extra punch. 

And last, I mentioned shopping for the classroom. I know, we just said farewell to the 2021-22 school year. Back-to-school shopping starts ramping up mid-month and continues all the way through Labor Day. 

Mastercard Spending Pulse predicts retail sales will grow by 7.5% percent from last year, and ecommerce sales are expected to rise by 4.3%. So get a piece of that. There are college kids heading back to dorms, budget-conscious parents looking for school supply deals, and wardrobes to be updated.

That’s all until next month!

June 2022

Summer is here! Alright, not technically, but I prefer to define summer as kicking off with Memorial Day. 

With that in mind, I’m focusing on the biggest summer celebration in the United States. Then I’ll dig into other events — Prime Day, Father’s Day and others — you might harness for your email newsletter program. 

Fourth of July 

Before I start, one note: America’s neighbor to the north celebrates its birthday with Canada Day on July 1. So all of the ideas below — with thematic tweaks, of course — are appropriate for Canadian companies and/or customers, too. 

The latest data shows people spend around $80 for Fourth of July celebrations. That’s on food alone. The same report projected 29% of those celebrating the holiday had planned to buy additional patriotic items. There aren’t just barbecues, but parades and community gatherings to attend.  

You’re going to see a lot of generic sales from the big-box stores. Flash sale! Take 40% off your entire purchase! Free shipping! And lots of other similar messaging.

These types of offers are hard to swing for a lot of Shopify stores. But more importantly, there’s not anything special about relying on a huge discount. I think it’s much more interesting and memorable to tap into the event itself. This is what Carnivore Club and Bright Cellars do. 

Two emails side by side, the one on the left featuring a photo of a chacuterie board and the one on the right featuring a picnic spread with a bottle of wine

Both brands recognize that the Fourth of July is a live event that brings people together. They show off how their products — a bottle of wine, a charcuterie board — are a good fit for the occasion.  

Or, put your own spin on the red, white and blue like BLNQ does. First off, sunglasses tie perfectly in with the Fourth. They’re essential, so long as the sun is out. I like how they weave in “independence” and subtly make use of patriotic colors without going overboard. 

An email showing people wearing glasses and sunglasses

Whiting & Davis has some fun, too, with the red, white and blue concept. “Stars, stripes and crystal bracelets” — it totally works and makes complete sense to promote. 

Email showing red, white and blue crystal brcelets

Prime Day 

Yes, you read that correctly. Amazon’s Prime Day has become so big that “it has completely altered the retail calendar,” says CNBC technology reporter Annie Palmer.

Large retailers have adjusted their promotions, which means smaller businesses should also pay attention. The exact date hasn’t been announced, but we do know that it’s in July (some are predicting the 11th or 18th). So it’s wise to start planning and promoting this month. 

Here's an example from More Labs, a direct-to-consumer brand that also sells on Amazon. They piggyback on Prime Day by directing email subscribers to their Amazon site. This is a worthy tactic if you’re present on the platform. 

Email showing bottles of Morning Recovery

What if your shop isn’t on Amazon? Take advantage by promoting a Prime Day special. Slide a reference into the subject line, or subtly mention why your shop deserves patronage over Jeff Bezos’ empire.

Other June newsletter ideas 

June is ripe with other email marketing opportunities, from cause marketing to summer trends. Some of these I talked about last month and they’re worth a second mention. 

First is Father’s Day — a major gift-giving event that falls on June 19 this year. I talked through some examples in May (and have more in the accompanying video), so here are some quick reminders:

  • Figure out the last possible shipping date so you can inform your subscribers. 
  • Create a collection of Father’s Day gifts to link to.
  • Run a campaign with multiple messages to cast a wider net.

If you could use a little help, visit our Template store and snag a newsletter to get you started. 

Screenshots of 3 different email templates for Father's Day newsletters

Otherwise, consider these other launchpads for your email marketing:

  • Pride Month: This observance is growing in prominence, as major brands have latched onto it. So, definitely lean into it if you or your brand are a part of this community. I provided email marketing guidance and ideas in 2021, but they’re just as relevant for this year. Here’s a great resource for developing a Pride campaign (registration, which is free, is required to read the whole article). 
  • Juneteenth (June 19): You may have heard about the backlash Wal-Mart received after rolling out an ice cream to mark the occasion. I bring this up because it’s important to think about what Juneteenth is about: a celebration of the end of slavery. Only integrate it into your email marketing if you’re thoughtfully honoring it and not turning it into a money grab. Be transparent about how your brand is helping advance the commemoration. If you’re going to align yourself with a related charity, make sure it’s a credible one. 
  • Travel: People are shedding Covid hibernation and traveling. Data from the U.S. Travel Association indicates about six in 10 Americans plan at least one summer trip, and 35% expect to travel more than they did last summer. If you have items that help people with their travel plans — whether it’s swimwear or gear for hitting the road — now is a good time to talk about them. 
  • End of the school year: Gifting opportunities galore, between presents for teachers and graduates!

As always, check out the video for more inspirational email examples. 

May 2022

May is on our doorstep. That means you should be zeroing in on last-minute Mother’s Day messages, and looking ahead to Father’s Day promotions.

So up first in this post, I’m doing a deep dive on mom-dad email marketing before getting into other stuff on the May radar.  

Last call for mom-themed promotions

May 8 will soon be here, so any Mother’s Day email marketing you send now is cutting it close. Which begs the question, “Then why bother?” 


  1. There still is time.
  2. A National Retail Federation survey shows the average per-person spending in 2021 was $220.48; that’s anticipated to rise to $245.76 this year. A last-ditch effort is definitely worthwhile, especially when compared to the $174.10 average spend for Father’s Day in 2021 (sorry, Dad).    

There are plenty of last-minute shoppers. Announce any popup shops you may be involved in, or make it known if you’re offering local delivery. Otherwise, a lot of people settle on gift cards. Terrain takes advantage of this common practice, while at the same time showcasing other ideas.

Everlane has its own late-to-the-game message that focuses instead on two-day shipping. I adore their heartfelt approach. Maybe it’s just me, but these candid, old-school images of moms produce a certain effect. They trigger something in my brain that evokes well-loved photos from my own family collection.  

I’m no expert in psychology, but it’s an emotional marketing strategy that could sway someone like me to at least click through to their site. 

As you’re creating these emails, I recommend you place one question at the forefront: How can I best help someone find the right gift? I’d venture to say that some moms are treating themselves, too, so keep that perspective in mind. 

Get moving for dad’s special day

Father’s Day isn’t until June 19. But your customer wants dear old dad to get his present in time. 

Now is the time to check the calendar. Pinpoint the final day someone can place an order and expect to receive it by Father’s Day. Work backwards to devise the email promo schedule. 

In fact, it’s wise to build in extra time. Some customers will ship the purchase to themselves, wrap it, and then mail it to their fathers.

Consider including deadlines in the email, or even adding a shipping FAQ page to your site. Shipping is a top concern for online consumers, so be transparent to foster realistic buyer expectations

Let’s take a look at some marketing examples. I found a few cool ones to share. 

I like Italic’s sleek appearance and spot-on visuals. They mix lifestyle shots with great product photos. I really like that they’ve browsed their inventory to pick out five recommendations. (I’m only showing the first one here.) 

Woman and man resting against the back of a car; underneath is a photo of a man holding a leather card case

I mentioned the “treat yourself” email for Mother’s Day. The same applies for dads.  

Purple elevates this concept and does so unabashedly. The setup is fantastic: “There’s no shame in buying yourself a gift. Besides, who knows you better than you?” 

Man reading a book, resting on a bed, with images underneath of pillows and sheets

Tip: To create something like Purple’s product recommendations section, curate a Father’s Day-worthy collection in Shopify. It’s a snap to pull them into your Seguno-created emails with a collection section.  

Ideas for the rest of May

Speaking for American online shoppers as a whole, Memorial Day has got to ring in as the largest ecommerce event for the month. Lots of big-box stores tout the weekend as “the biggest sales event of the season.” 

Your brand may choose to travel the same road. Perhaps you run a sale a little earlier to get a share of consumers’ wallets, or alternatively do a post-holiday event appealing to those disappointed by lackluster offers. 

Whatever the path, I urge you to remember what we’re commemorating on Memorial Day. It’s especially important to acknowledge when it’s a particularly meaningful day for your audience. 

Here’s what else is happening in May, by order of date. For the right audience and brand, email marketing can be very impactful: 

  • Eid al-Fitr (May 3): If you have products pertinent to this Muslim celebration, then consider sending an email. More importantly, a relevant message — which doesn’t have to push a promo — could mean a lot to subscribers who observe Eid al-Fitr. 
  • Cinco de Mayo (May 5): This isn’t a typical ecommerce event, either. But there’s a heck of a lot of events organized around it, along with folks who indulge in Mexican-inspired food and beverages.    
  • Star Wars Day (aka May the 4th): A good chunk of Seguno merchants — and Shopify stores in general — sell items related to Star Wars, comics and science fiction. If that’s you, then this is totally your day! It can also be your day if you’re dying to put your mastery of Yoda Speak to good use. 
Seguno’s template store includes many options tied to these May events. (Yep, even a May the 4th one.)

One more idea: Start planning for Pride Month. Akin to April’s Earth Day, more brands are recognizing and participating in this celebration of LGBTQ+ culture and progress toward equality. The month is also about amplifying the work that still needs to be done.

I’ve got a lot more information on the dos and don’ts of Pride-related email marketing in this month’s video, plus examples for the other May happenings. 

April 2022

April is stacked with promo opportunities. Stacked. 

Yeah, that seems to be a trend each month. But the great thing for Shopify merchants is that it’s the truth. 

I introduced Easter as an email marketing topic last month and I think it’s worth diving into again. It’s such a heavy-hitting holiday and therefore, the main focus of this post. 

At the end I round up other dates on the calendar to consider. American Tax Day, Earth Day and Mother’s Day are all email promo springboards. 

Hop into Easter 

Easter is a religious and cultural event that every shop owner should consider as an email marketing launchpad. It has a lot of ecommerce value. In 2021, the National Retail Foundation reported that 79 percent of Americans were planning to celebrate it

Key to remember is that anyone who makes Easter-related purchases intends to use them on that day — or even before, depending on the extent of their festivities. So if your shop offers clothing, novelty items, or anything that might be used for the holiday, delivering products by April 17 is important. 

Call out shipping deadlines in your email marketing. Use last-chance messaging as an urgent poke.  

Beyond that, I advise shops that have an obvious Easter tie-in, such as candy or children’s clothing purveyors, to send more than one email. The messaging could be a three-part series like this: 

  1. Top Easter items
  2. Make sure your order arrives in time
  3. Easter day sale

Let’s get into some real examples to spark ideas for your shop.

Ex. #1: The how-to

How-to emails speak to me, and Tattly has a great one. (We’ve chopped it apart and rearranged in the image below for space sake.)

I never associated temporary tattoos with Easter until this email. What a brilliant thought — apply them to Easter eggs! Tattly shows off its simplicity, and in a beautiful way, with a four-step process. 

Ex. #2: Traditional imagery

Next up, a more straightforward email from Maisonette.

This is a familiar layout for this brand. We’re only showing the top lifestyle-shots portion, but the remainder of the email features blocks such as “The Easter Shop,” “Easter Dresses” and “Easter Home,” with accompanying images that give a peek at some of the items you’ll find.  

I like the approach. It can be really effective. Displaying some of the “Easter best” by categories means the recipient doesn’t have to dig through the website to find what they want. Click on the appropriate category and done. 

Ex. #3: The pun

What if your inventory contains nothing aligned with Peter Cottontail and Easter baskets? You could still slip in an email with your own marketing spin. Bonus if you’re running an incentive. 

The brand Thrive does this when advertising its software for freelancers. 

“We’ve hatched a plan” paired with Easter egg imagery — clever enough. Almost anyone could take this same path. 

If you’re in need of beautiful Easter-themed templates, hop over to our template store within the Seguno email app.

All things non-Easter

As I mentioned, April is packed with options that might resonate with your audience:  

  • Tax Day (April 18). This is an opportunity to communicate with your entire audience, as it’s a shared experience for most Americans. I see a lot of brands suggesting that subscribers direct some of their tax refunds their way, throwing in a sale for extra enticement. Some get witty with it (i.e., “this is a message from the IRS,” as in the Irresistible Retail Sale).   
  • Earth Day (April 22). More like Earth Month for some brands, and for good reason. People care about sustainability — Shopify pointed it out in its 2022 trends report — and expect it. Earth Day naturally presents a chance to show how you care for the earth. Keep in mind that authenticity matters. 
  • Mother’s Day (May 8). Don’t underestimate this day, along with its male counterpart in June. It’s a big gift-giving holiday, which means shipping deadlines are important. That, in turn, means you’ll be cutting it a little too close if you only run one promotion in May.   

One extra note about Mother’s Day. It’s a sensitive occasion for some people. Accommodate their feelings by offering a temporary opt-out from email marketing. Build a special page on your site for email signup, tag all who sign up, then remove them from any Mother’s Day emails. Contact us if you want to do this and need help. 

Otherwise, check out the video for loads more insight on, plus examples of, non-Easter promos. 

March 2022

March is a busy month, Shopify merchants. 

No. 1, there are a couple of email marketing opportunities. No. 2, April events demand some attention. 

I’m focusing this blog post specifically on St. Patrick’s Day. But before we dig into ideas around the Luck ‘o the Irish, let’s dip into the other stuff you might choose to pursue. You can find more details and examples for each in the video: 

  • The weather. Winter is starting to loosen its grip as we move into spring (or, at least we hope that’s the case, wherever you are). I love weather-related emails because of their relevancy. In general, they’re tied to a shared experience. Make a connection between your products and the weather, however you can. Spring equals change and renewal. And rain. Lots of it. How can your product fit?  
  • Easter. This is a gift-giving event that spells opportunity for a wide range of companies, from those that specialize in food and drink, to religious items, to clothing and novelty pieces. Easter falls on April 17, so start sending email marketing promotions in mid-March if your shop depends on this holiday for a boost. 
  • April Fool’s Day. This is a little tricky (pun intended). Determining if an April Fool’s approach is right for your brand is the first step. Thereafter, could your joke be misinterpreted? Does your test audience legitimately find it funny? And is there a point to it? 

Check out SegunO’s Cereal to see our April 1st campaign from last year. Yes, we really made our own cereal. It was a great way to share a joke with our audience and do a giveaway that provided value.

Spreading shamrock cheer

A few aspects about St. Patrick’s Day distinguish it from other things happening throughout the year. 

It’s a light-hearted cultural and social celebration. It’s not a typical gift-giving event. And while it’s not specifically tied to ecommerce, a lot of people buy products to mark the occasion, like:

  • Food and beverages, including the alcoholic variety
  • Children’s clothing
  • Novelty items
  • Home decor and party supplies
  • Irish-focused goods 

Have fun with this social event. Kahlua, for example, gets in on the holiday by teaming with Jameson. That’s a tasty-looking Irish Cold Brew Martini, indeed! 

Kahlua + Jameson = Luck of the Martini; photo of an Irish Cold Brew Martini

You might say, “I don't sell products that can tie into St. Patrick's Day.” No problem. Lots of brands opt for the generic route so they can cash in on the day. 

Green background with four-leaf clovers. Maybe a leprechaun with a pot of gold. And a phrase that relates. has a 50-60% off "Feeling Lucky" sale

It’s certainly more interesting if you can devise something a bit more creative. But there’s nothing wrong with the example above from Especially if you’re running low on time. Remember, you can always take a shortcut by tapping our template library. 

My biggest advice is to take a gut check. If your brand isn’t really St. Patrick’s Day worthy, then save your energy for the event that does deserve your efforts.

February 2022

While there are several important dates in February this month, we are focusing specifically on Valentine's Day. It's an important moneymaker for Shopify merchants, and it deserves extra attention. There are traditional products that might come to mind for Valentine's Day sales; however, we challenge you to think of how you can angle your shop to capitalize on this ecommerce event. 

Valentine's Day produced $21.8 billion in sales last year, and that will likely be outpaced this year. People who purchase for Valentine's Day spend around $166/per person. Trends also suggest that people aren't just buying for their partners; they also buy for pets, friends, children, and themselves. With this in mind, let's look at a few examples of Valentine's Day messages. Stats provided by the NRF

Traditional Valentine's Day Newsletters

First, here's a classic example from Tiffany & Co that highlights a product recommendation. It includes a note of urgency by stating the specific order cutoff for on-time delivery. 

Valentine's Day email marketing


  • Show off the product/collection that ties into Valentine's Day
  • Stress your shipping deadlines to make sure the purchase arrives on time
  • Theme your newsletter's colors/imagery to Valentine's Day

Non-Traditional Valentine's Day Newsletters

For those who don't sell 'traditional' Valentine's Day items, fear not! There is still money on the table, and you should take advantage of it. 

I love this example from More Labs. They sell a dietary supplement that helps with sleep. They've found a way to combine their product with Valentine's Day thoughtfully and with humor. They do it with entertaining copy and a tiered discount strategy. Ultimately, it's a promotion intended to raise their AOV. 

Valentine's Day email marketing

Developing a Campaign for Valentine's Day

Finally, it's essential to consider that many brands will be increasing the number of newsletters sent on large ecommerce holidays (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Black Friday). So, inboxes will be more crowded than usual. It means that if you want to compete, you'll need to create a campaign for your promotion. 

A campaign is a collection of emails that all have the same goal. They often look alike and are sent in succession. 

Here's an excellent example from MeUndies. 

Notice how they address several customer types at once in the first message (buying for your boo, BFF, pet)? They've got something for everyone. Then they stress shipping and the importance of ordering within the right time. Finally, they wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and include a social contest. Watch our video above for a full breakdown.

Want to send out a campaign but don't have time to put it together?
Check out our Campaign Templates

Ultimately, you have subscribers looking to shop for Valentine's Day, and it's up to you to show them how your product is relevant. There is money on the table; it's time to grab it. 

Valentine's Day Templates

Remember: work smarter, not harder. We've got plenty of templates to choose from.

Email marketing templates for valentine's day

Need more than just a one-off newsletter? Try our Valentine's Day campaign template.

This campaign template includes four ready-to-send newsletters, designed and written by marketing experts, with the following features:

  • Easily changeable colors and images
  • Option to change the background color while leaving the heart graphics intact
  • Placeholders for shipping dates, deadlines, and gift card info
  • Pre-populated order-by date recommendations

Once you install the campaign template, customize each newsletter by adding your products and a subject line. Tweak the newsletter so that it makes sense for your business and schedule. Within 20 minutes, you could have four newsletters set up and ready to send.

The campaign template comes with the following messages:

Message 1: The Valentine's Day Collection
Show off suitable products for Valentine's Day, whether they're for a romantic partner, friend, kid or pet. Research shows that people shop for more than just their partners. Let's not forget that some also buy for themselves during this holiday. Shipping is very important for this holiday, so take a moment to look over the shipping deadlines at the bottom of the message. You may need to adjust our recommendations based on your business.

Message 2: Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Here's your chance to highlight the different kinds of products you sell and why they would make a good Valentine's Day gift. Remember to think of your audience's needs. You could easily adjust this message to focus on only one product if needed. And remember that gift cards are always a good idea for people who don't quite know what to buy. Make sure to customize that gift card link.

Message 3: Top Seller
This message highlights one specific top-selling product. Customize it with a few customer quotes to reinforce its value. If you want to promote more than one product, change it to a best-selling collection. Update the shipping deadline section at the bottom.

Message 4: Self Gifting
We mentioned that some people buy a valentine for themselves. Here's the template to encourage them. It's meant to be sent after shipping deadlines pass. And for those who still need to buy a gift for someone else and are quickly running out of time, the gift card callout is included at the bottom.

Subject Line Ideas for Valentine's Day

The first step to a sale via email marketing is an email open. Here are a few subject lines to try out.

  • Like jewelry but better, try _____ this Valentine's Day
  • Chocolates are so last year - Glow up this year
  • Be our Valentines
  • Be our Galentines
  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide for your ____ lovers
  • Valentine's Day treats that you'll actually want
  • Roses are red... Don't get the blues for this V-Day
  • Have a great Valentine's Day this year
  • Our bestselling Valentine's Day Gifts
  • ___% off Valentine's Day Specials
  • Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts
  • Be Ours! Get our Valentine's Day Gift Early!
  • XOXO - Get yourself something special this year 

And we've got some emoticons to consider sprinkling into your subject lines, too:

💖 💝 ❤️ 🔥 🍫 💐 🎁 🖤 💋 🌹 🍓 🧸

Beyond Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a big ecommerce event, but it's certainly not the only one during the shortest month of the year. Consider these other important dates/themes this month:

  • Black History Month
  • The Super Bowl (February 13th)
  • Mardi Gras (March 1st)

If you are a brand that resonates with these events, please make sure that you respect and support them with newsletters. 

January 2022

Happy New Year, Shopify Merchants! Hopefully, you had a chance to replenish your mental batteries after a busy and profitable Holiday season.

This month the big focus will be on utilizing your product to help your customers attain their goals for the New Year. I'll be going through examples and how you can approach this in your email marketing. We've got bonus material around valentines day and we'll be hosting a webinar around email marketing planning later this month.  Registration can be found here.

As noted in the video, one of the most essential things Shopify Merchants can do to help their email marketing this month and through the rest of the year is to:

  1. Maintain your consistency. Are you sending weekly? Biweekly? Monthly? Make a choice, and then stick with it.
  2. Recognize your important dates. Ecommerce events like Valentine's Day or Mother's day are significant, and you'll want to make sure to bookmark them so that you are prepared.
  3. Plan for the future. Speaking of being prepared, make sure you block off time in your calendar to prep your marketing efforts. We want to make sure you have enough time to get everything done, and the best and easiest way to do that is to block off time to make it happen. For example, if you want to send an email on Thursday morning, make sure to block off time on Tuesday to create and test it. That way, you have plenty of prep time to make the message.

Webinar: What to send and when, Wednesday January 26th @ 2pm EST

It's time for self-improvement and a fresh start. By far, one of the hottest topics during January is acting on one's New Year's resolutions. Your customers will be thinking about how they want to improve their lives and are actively searching for solutions. This is why we see such a spike in health-related product purchases during this time of year. However, even if you don't sell products related to health/wellbeing, it's still a perfect time for you to state the solution your product brings to the table. 

Think about how your product could solve your customer's New Year's resolutions and angle your emails to address that during January. 

Here's a self-evident example from Withings. Most people want to lose weight in the New Year. We understand how a smartwatch and scale can help accomplish this goal is easy. They are pointing out what they can do and how it helps the consumer find success. 

However, in this example from Dove, the message is a little more subtle; they are relating their products to a fresh start and boosting confidence. This is a smart approach for a product that people may not instantly think of as a resolution solution. 

Up next: Valentine's Day. One of the more prominent money makers for ecommerce, buyers spend about $166 on Valentine's Day. Recent studies have also shown that people don't just buy for their partners, but also their families/dogs/themselves. Considering this, we'll be publishing our February episode a little earlier than usual.

You'll want to remember that shipping dates will be a top concern for valentine's day. So it would be good for you to review your shipping deadlines and make sure people can get their gifts before the 14th. 

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